Power Tool Importer Energizes Their Sales With PIM and MDM

Tooltechnic Systems (Australia) (TTS) Pty Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of premium power tools and related products. Tooltechnic Systems aims to be recognized as offering the best performing products in Australia when it comes to power tools, accessories and consumables. Supported by the best pre as well as after sales service in the market.

Business Needs

Tooltechnic Systems needed a central repository for managing product information with a focus on the data required to market and sell products - including all design assets. They needed a single source of truth for product data that could be used to create consistent, accurate and up to date information for dissemination across multiple output channels such as web sites, print catalogs and price guides, mobile applications, email marketing, social media, and kiosks. 

The business needed a solution that would allow them to frequently update a wide array of projects that have a large variety of characteristics and with new ones being added all the time. The solution they needed would have to allow them to make updates easily and also maintain content versioning. They also needed the ability to integrate with other tools such as their CMS, ERP, and CRM.

Pimcore Solution

After meeting with Ray Business Technologies (RBT), a leading Global IT Services & Solution Provider, to outline their requirements, they were advised to use Pimcore’s Product Information Management (PIM) System to solve their long list of business needs. 

The RBT team configured and implemented PIM and therefore created a user-friendly repository of product information. Using the solution, they were easily able to update content to multiple media channels – all at once and very quickly.  All the product information was stored in a single source with a multi-level product hierarchy.

The solution was very flexible and allowed Tooltechnic to easily maintain product variations that were frequently changing.  It was able to be integrated into their multiple legacy systems – SAP, Salesforce, and SharePoint.

Business Results

Using Pimcore brought about an overall more efficient system that enabled them to become more productive in their business processes. With an automated master data management process, they were able to eliminate the time spent on manual processes and could use the time to work on other business initiatives. 

Using the solution, they designed web-to-print templates using PIM libraries which generated product passports, price lists, flyers and other print-related content that helped them to market their product more rapidly. 

Increased marketing meant increased sales and ultimately a return on investment. Overall, they were able to manage every aspect of each master product record including hierarchy, structure, versioning and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, documentation and other related data components within the Pimcore data management interface.  Overall, the solution fits all of their business needs and delivered business enhancing results.

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