Pimcore's Enterprise Translation Management automates the product information's translation processes and thus eliminates repetitive and laborious manual tasks. Facilitate greater control, increased collaboration, and better efficiency with centralized linguistic assets and rallied transparency across the entire translation supply chain. 

Real-time TMS Integration 

Pimcore seamlessly integrates the world's most popular translation memory system (TMS), GlobalLink, into its product information management. Use centralized intelligence, terminology, and dictionaries to ensure consistency and accuracy across enterprise product data. Improve collaboration between translators, departments, connected systems, and translation vendors to increase the efficiency of the translation process. The software allows you to translate Pimcore product information into multiple languages at the click of a button. 

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No more manual translation 

Say goodbye to sending Excel sheets or other office documents with language information back and forth between translation agencies, product departments, or marketing teams. With a growing amount of marketing channels, marketplaces, and product data, a manual and siloed way for translation management is no longer possible. Increase your translation throughput and shorten your time to market by automating the entire product life cycle in the Pimcore PIM system. 

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Pimcore & Translations.com 

For enterprise translation management, Pimcore joins forces with Translations.com. The company is the world's leading provider of technologies and services that simplify the process of creating and deploying multilingual content. With the seamless integration of Translations.com for the entire translation lifecycle, Pimcore provides a product information management platform that enables you to scale beyond country borders and go global. 

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