Create outstanding product experiences by providing your customers with real-time product information in consumer-facing PIM portals. These highly configurable, flexible portals offer vital capabilities such as product search, filtering, sharing, and analytics. Key users include both internal (sales, marketing, and product teams) and external (agencies, press, vendors, distributors, customers) audiences. Build your unique content hub for product information and related assets. 

Marketing & Sales Content Hub 

Take charge of your entire product content lifecycle and build a consolidated repository of product-specific assets, marketing, and sales collateral. The Pimcore Product Experience Portal (PXP) helps you aggregate, centralize, manage, and share every aspect of your content for all channels with a single, integrated tool. Let your internal and external teams and partners get a 360° view of your product information. 

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Product Data Search & Filtering

Enabling business users to find the right product information within seconds is critical to your enterprise's productivity. The Pimcore Product Experience Portal features a tremendously fast and intelligent full-text search engine based on OpenSearch. This multi-level search technology with configurable refining filters provides the right search results within a smart UI. Helpful search tools such as auto-suggest, type-ahead, and saved searches – including sharing features – boost overall efficiency.  

Product Data Views 

Efficiently access and share all your product information in a configurable way. Use the list or grid view for search results and navigation. Utilize smart multi-select features to download product information and assets right away, add products to a download cart, or create new product collections based on your selection. The detailed view of products is highly configurable and uses powerful UI components. Present even hundreds of attributes, related products, or assets in an incredibly user-friendly way. Additionally, the detailed view also provides auditable versioning information, a feature to compare product information, and options for downloading and sharing. 

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The Product Experience Platform allows for quick access and export of single and batch product information as well as related media assets. The configurable download manager provides the information in a structured way as CSV, XML, or JSON file for further processing within 3rd party applications. 

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Sharing high-quality product information between internal and external users or enterprise departments is a constant challenge. The Product Experience Portal features intuitive tools for sharing product data and assets. The sharing options are highly configurable. They can include an expiry date, related media asset file formats, resolutions and watermarking, and individual terms and conditions that must be accepted to access the data. To never lose track, the sharing dashboard gives you a real-time overview of all active shares. 


Product Data Collections are a way to add a flexible and personalized segmentation layer on top of products. Users can create an unlimited amount of collections and share these virtual groups of products with internal and external stakeholders. Collection-specific download options are available as well. 


Make use of the included dashboard examples or build your own personalized dashboards for product information management based on a set of extendable widgets. The additional usage statistics and reports (recent updates, downloads, shares, logins) allow you to enrich the dashboard with up-to-date information. 

Reports & Analytics

Visually create flexible on-the-fly reports and statistics with the integrated Pimcore Analytics Explorer. Save custom reports and statistics for easy access and share your analyzed data with other users. The Pimcore Product Experience Portal comes with many predefined reports to give you a headstart.

Unlimited Data Pools

The Product Experience Portal can draw on unlimited data pools. A data pool is a set of Pimcore data elements such as products, technologies, customers, vendors, or media assets. It is possible to manage structured data/attributes from the PIM system and media from the DAM system inside one portal.

Security & Permissions

Security and access control, permissions, roles, and internal/external users are fundamental parts of the Product Experience Portal. Define access to product information and media assets on a data-pool or user level. User authentication is compatible with all popular SSO providers. 

Configuration Magic

The Pimcore Experience Portal is fully configurable in a visual editor – without any technical knowledge or coding required. Set up portals, define data pools, manage user permissions, and configure interfaces and fields. All steps of the portal setup process are comfortable and easy.

Adjusts to Your Vision

A highly modular and configurable best-practice technology framework powers the core engine of the Product Experience Portal. Developers, agencies, and system integrators can configure and customize the portal to create excellent and flexible applications – full of innovation and wholly branded to the vision of their clients. 

Technology Stack

Ready to White Label

Create customized versions of the Pimcore Product Experience Portal and enrich your solutions with homegrown components and extensions. Contact the Pimcore sales team to learn more about our white-label and OEM options. 

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