The Pimcore Enterprise Edition 2023.2 introduces Enterprise Data Quality & Compliance to uphold impeccable data quality and compliance, essential for informed decisions, brand integrity, and earning customer trust. This pioneering solution prioritizes robust data governance, catering to product information, master data, digital assets, and customer data management. The transformative approach to data quality assurance, adapting to the complexity of modern business operations, provides real-time insights to optimize Pimcore's data management processes. 

User-Centric Configuration & Customization 

Leveraging a refined data quality management framework, Pimcore's user-centric approach empowers superior data governance. Users can effortlessly navigate and adapt data quality and compliance checks with unmatched precision. Through this, Pimcore data objects benefit from comprehensive quality checks shaped to meet distinct data quality management mandates. The system also allows targeted focus on data niches by weighing distinctive quality and compliance standards. Plus, with Symfony Expressions, specific objects can be selectively exempted from quality evaluations, streamlining the overall data governance process. 

Automated Data Quality Management & Cross-Checks

Pimcore's advanced data quality management framework provides a streamlined setup process with automated validations and obligatory field checks, ensuring a robust foundation for superior data governance. This system enhances data integrity by cross-checking various data attributes and datasets. Furthermore, integrating PHP Symfony Expression fields adds an extra layer of sophistication, allowing for a more nuanced approach to data quality management and ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability. 

Visual Quality Assessment & Recommendations

Enhance your data governance strategy with a data quality management framework designed for intuitive visual assessment. Quality scores in the Pimcore Platform are seamlessly integrated into a tree view, facilitating rapid and precise data evaluation. Furthermore, the object editor provides a deep dive into data quality intricacies, offering actionable insights and recommendations to ensure continuous data refinement and optimization. 

Integrated Analytics & Reporting

Within the Pimcore Administration Interface, users receive precise data insights through embedded quality and compliance micro-dashboards. The Pimcore grid view further allows for accurate curation, filtering, and dissemination of vital data quality metrics. By ensuring a holistic view, data quality, and compliance KPIs are flawlessly integrated into Pimcore Custom Reports, Workflows, and Dashboards, providing a unified and streamlined reporting experience. 

Empower your Pimcore Edits and Data Governance

Swift Data Handling

Enjoy enhanced visibility with prominent quality scores directly in the tree view. This instant data health recognition drastically reduces the guesswork, ensuring you can edit and optimize content more efficiently than ever before. 

Actionable Insights

Go beyond surface-level edits. Dive deep with comprehensive quality details available right within the object editor. These insights empower you to make accurate and strategically impactful edits, ensuring the highest data quality and relevance. 

Centralized Monitoring

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and platforms. Pimcore provides a centralized hub for all your data management needs with our integrated dashboards and grid view metrics. Track data quality, monitor changes, and ensure compliance, all from a single, intuitive interface. 

Reliable Data Adherence

Pimcore checks and validations are strategically designed to align with business and regulatory standards, ensuring your data's impeccable health and integrity. 

Strategic Data Focus

Leverage the power of rule weighing to focus on crucial data segments, refining them to meet unparalleled standards of excellence. 

Comprehensive Data Surveillance

With Pimcore's selection of tools, ranging from integrated dashboards to deep object insights, data stewards are furnished with a spectrum of resources. This commitment ensures ongoing data quality enhancement, always aligned with the loftiest compliance standards. 

“Data Quality: A Step-By-Step Planning Checklist”
This whitepaper provides 6 simple steps to help you build a data quality roadmap for the greater effectiveness of your MDM system, including:
  • What questions to ask during the planning phase
  • How to define a clear roadmap from an organizational perspective
  • How to organize your data quality in 6 steps
  • How Pimcore can help you in enterprise data quality management

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