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Alliance Automotive Group is Europe's second largest auto parts distributor and is part of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), the largest automotive parts distributor in the world.

The company was looking for a white label solution to present products to workshops and other B2B customers. The challenge was that the platform had to go live within 40 days. The application should resemble a product catalog and function as a digital in-house exhibition in the web version. Via a shopping cart handling, orders should be possible through connection to an internal system & inquiries.

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Digital trade fair instead of in-house trade fair in 4 weeks

Within 40 days, a solution had to be created that would enable trade show business even in pandemic times. The look and feel was to be similar to that of an editorially produced print catalog. The AAG also wanted a digital product maintenance option so that product information and associated assets (images, media, data sheets) of the partners could be presented in a uniform manner. The prices should not be publicly visible. The clients of the AAG must be able to display their article numbers only for their customers. The whitelabel solution must also be embedded in various e-procurement systems. The registration of the users is regulated differently in each system. The application is also played out publicly on the Internet as a standalone. In the frontend, the customer wanted articles to be findable through a search.

Catalog character thanks to different display types

In order to be able to map the catalog character in the frontend, it is possible to choose between 12 display types of the article element per article in the backend. A session-based login and shopping cart logic was implemented, which also controls the visibility of the prices. In addition, the clients provide their article numbers for the articles available in the application. The articles are linked to the articles via relations and the client-specific article number is stored as metadata at the relation. If an article has a client-specific article number, the article is displayed for the respective client in the frontend. For the use of the application in e-procurement systems, the login is built in such a way that the login and shopping cart logic of the individual systems takes effect within the systems. This means that the trade fair is only displayed within the tools if the customer is logged into the tool itself.

Digital trade fair instead of in-house trade fair in 4 weeks

The result is an online catalog that resembles an editorially created print catalog in its appearance, thanks to the variable article display. In addition, a web application and simultaneous integration in e-procurement systems, which is used in workshops for the procurement of spare parts, tools and other workshop requirements and also functions on the web as an independent catalog with the option of requesting orders. The customer now has a multi-client system that enables Automotive to offer all of its clients a commerce application that is tailored to the specifics of the industry.

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