Next Step: Product configurator for a new Design line

Helestra is a brand for high-quality design lighting for all applications around the home.

The success story with helestra and nexoma continues. Due to the numerous different products, optimized product data plays a major role in the lighting industry. Therefore, the luminaire manufacturer has been supported by the nexoma-developed Pimcore for many years in all tasks related to product data maintenance. In addition to the website and a B2B store, the product configurator based on Pimcore data now follows.

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Design lighting system seeks design marketing

Quote helestra: "We have developed a design lighting system that is technically sophisticated and has a wide range of possible applications. In marketing, the question arose of how to simultaneously make the planning process attractive and support the customer in the detailed design of the product without losing focus on the product design. A product configurator was a conceivable solution, but in terms of design it had to stand out clearly from the more technical configuration solutions that are known on the market."

"add-it" is the name of the lighting system - matching the function of the product configurator

In collaboration, nexoma and Helestra jointly developed the solution and implemented the project in agile processes. The main focus was on creating an optimal benefit for the customer. Fortunately, an integration of the configurator in Pimcore is possible without any problems, so that the project could be carried out quickly and without complications. Nexoma acted in a combination of technical implementation and accompanying design. Thanks to the online configurator, planning the "add-it" lighting system is simple and error-free. The configurator can be operated without prior knowledge. Users can display lamps in different shapes and colors and edit their size as desired. In addition, stock levels can be displayed and accessories matching the lamps can be selected.

Increasing acceptance by marketing and planning tool

Quote helestra: "In the meantime, the configurator for our "add-it" lighting system has become both a marketing tool and a concrete planning aid for our specialized trade partners. Without a configurator, the planning of lighting systems is complex and error-prone. The implemented solution makes the process intuitive and easy to use without prior knowledge. For the concrete product, we therefore expect a significantly increased acceptance in the market."

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