Neyer Landtechnik Sets Benchmarks With New Online Shop

Neyer Landtechnik is one of the leading agricultural engineering companies in the region of Allgäu-Bodensee-Oberschwaben and impresses with competent employees, state-of-the-art equipment and a comprehensive range of services. The company was expanded by Wilhelm Neyer into a modern agricultural engineering business and handed over to his son.

Precision farming, sustainable management and new digital business models are just some of the exciting topics that are increasingly making inroads into the agricultural engineering sector for the leading agricultural engineering company in the Allgäu-Bodensee-Oberschwaben region.

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Customer Key Facts

Products & Variations
A-dealer in the field of agricultural machinery

Strategic introduction of a single-source-publishing solution

With the relaunch of the corporate website and the online shop the traditional family business wanted to introduce a uniform platform for the future communication strategy. In addition, the online offering and product portfolio were to be expanded and made more accessible to the target group with the help of an improved customer journey. The focus was on the strategic introduction of a single-source publishing solution that combines various digital disciplines such as CMS, PIM, DAM and eCommerce.

Implementation with Pimcore

Due to the customer requirements and set goals, the decision for the future solution fell relatively quickly on Pimcore. After a very intensive and efficient conception phase, the UX design was developed and prototyped based on a customer journey map. The entire project was implemented with Pimcore. The system's own eCommerce framework was used, which was even listed as a Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce by Gartner in May of this year. In addition to price rules, coupon codes, RRP, product variants, price filtering and many other customizations, the payment provider Payone from Sparkassen Deutschland was also connected. For search, doofinder was used, which offers a search solution specialized in eCommerce. With the help of the PIM, the customer can now maintain the complete product data centrally and enrich it with additional touchpoint-relevant information.
"We were able to efficiently realize the special requirements for the customer's B2B business with the help of Pimcore. In addition to CMS, PIM, DAM, e-commerce, price rules, coupon codes, UVP, product variants, price filtering and many other features, the payment provider Payone from Sparkassen Deutschland was also connected. Another highlight is the special store search with doofinder."
Goran Stefanovic, Partner & COO

Benefits for Neyer Landtechnik GmbH

With the relaunch of the corporate website, Neyer now has a better customer journey for the customer's target groups. Another important point is the fast publication of branch-specific trend topics in combination with products from the store (Content2Commerce). The management and sale of over 280,000 products take place in a central system. Publishing products on external marketplaces such as Amazon is another benefit that plays a major role for Neyer.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Decreased Product Returns

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