Onderscheidingen & Erkenningen

Dit zijn slechts enkele van de onderschijdingen welke Pimcore heeft gewonnen in de afgelopen jaren.

The 'Summer Customer Success Report 2018' published by FeaturedCustomers, a customer success reference platform for B2B business software and services, rated Pimcore as one of the...
juli 31, 2018
Pimcore, a leader in the realm of open-source data and customer experience management, has been named in Gartner's prestigious, "Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce" 2018 report.
mei 18, 2018
Pimcore already listed in multiple Gartner analyst reports.
december 21, 2017
Pimcore is the best Content Management System for Enterprises according to CMS Critic.
november 07, 2017
Pimcore has been named in an overview of top PIM providers from across the world.
oktober 17, 2017
Frost & Sullivan awarded Pimcore with 'Technology Innovation Leader' in the Content Management System Market.
mei 13, 2016
'Pimcore impressively demonstrates that Austria is a highly competitive IT location with exportable, internationally recognized products.'
maart 08, 2013
'Very impressive that such a powerful tool is licensed open source.'
juli 15, 2012
Pimcore wins the coveted international award and writes Internet history.
november 15, 2010