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Gabor Shoes AG is based in Rosenheim, Bavaria. As Germany’s leading manufacturer of high-quality women’s shoes, they sell their products in more than 60 countries worldwide. The family-run company was founded more than 70 years ago.

From the beginning, the company’s online shop has been based on a marketplace principle, bringing all the brand’s retailers on board. 

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Online shopping experience vs. retailer variety

Welcome to new digital spheres! For the relaunch of their marketplace, Gabor brought Salzburg-based digital agency elements and the software platform Pimcore on board as their new partners. The result: In only eight months, an entirely new eCommerce platform was developed – leading to increased customer satisfaction! Dealing with the Gabor project, the elements team was faced with several challenges. How do you incorporate 70 retailers and two payment providers into one platform? All while improving the online shopping experience for customers? And how can you ensure a smooth transition from the previous system?  The answer: with a bespoke digital platform tailored to the essential processes of Gabor’s online presence. 
""Pimcore‘s content commerce functionalities, its integrated DXP and CMS are incredibly useful.""
Thorsten Bähre, Head of eCommerce at Gabor

The Gabor shop as a digital marketplace

“Challenge accepted”, said the elements team – and brought in their Pimcore digital commerce solution. The big advantage: The system’s central data management makes individual customer management and personalization even easier. Pimcore is a unique integrated experience-management platform. It cleverly combines content and commerce: Single-source and multi-channel publication options facilitate the integration of data from different sources and the creation of personalized content. The result: the possibility to create holistic digital experiences for Gabor customers on all channels and in a user-friendly environment. Record-breaking: It only took eight months to go from the project’s start to the relaunch of the Gabor commerce platform.

Bring on Black Friday!

A smooth transition from the old platform to the new one: check! Migration of 70 retailers: check! Increased customer satisfaction: check! One thing’s for sure: Gabor and Pimcore truly clicked – thanks to an individual, elaborate and flexible system. So bring on Black Friday! For Gabor, the relaunch resulted in a faster online shop and higher conversion rates. What’s more, the new platform offers increased stability and safety of processes and interfaces.

The client was particularly happy about the following aspects of working with their new project partner elements:

  • their high service competency, 
  • their powerful, collaborative consulting services, 
  • the product’s functionality and performance

Creating appealing, personalized digital experiences in a fast and efficient way: Once again, the Pimcore philosophy truly worked out. 

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