Fashion Brand Increases Speed to Market With Pimcore PIM/MDM

Global lifestyle clothing brand GANT has a presence in 70+ countries with 740+ physical stores and a strong digital commerce focus. They have a total yearly turnover of more than $1.3 billion.

Business Needs

With an abundance of stores around the globe selling their products, GANT needed a way to distribute product and corporate information efficiently.  They needed a reliable workflow that could effectively facilitate and distribute constant updates to their products and the detailed information associated with it.  They wanted all stores and partners to be connected in a single-source solution where all product related updates and information could be found. 

The Product Information Management (PIM) solution they were using was not able to easily distribute updates worldwide and was not compatible with all their client’s platforms.  It also did not allow them to keep track of their global store and partner’s inventory – leaving them unknowing when a store is lacking in sales or has sold out of certain products.  Instead, they relied on sending out a spread sheet to all their global networks for them to update their inventory and sales information – this was in no way efficient and lead to version control issues and inaccurate information. They needed a solution that would efficiently and easily be able to distribute large volumes of information around the globe – and also one that would give them insight into sales activity.  

Pimcore Solution

„We see great potential with Pimcore as it is a user-friendly system that meets the demands we made on flexibility and adaptability to create an efficient organization.“
Carl Borg, IT Director, GANT

Through Ateles Consulting, GANT was advised to use Pimcore’s PIM solution to solve their various business needs. The accessible and user-friendly solution was rolled out to the entire organization including all stores and resellers.  The entire partner network was able to update their sales and inventory status within the solution using the Master Data Management (MDM) feature. For GANT, this meant that they consistently have live data that is updated frequently.  It gave the entire partner network the ability to update their store location information to make sure the website is always displaying accurate information. 

They were able to add an area to the website for press where all the latest media related content could be displayed for customers. When GANT needed to distribute new product information or updates to existing products, Pimcore allowed them to do this quickly and easily ensuring the entire global network received the required material. All in all, the solution was a perfect fit to their business needs and brought efficiency to a once complicated process.

Business Results

The new solution resulted in many benefits for GANT including saved time, increased business productivity, and ultimately increased website traffic and sales.  Not having to manually distribute product information and spread sheets to get updates on inventory saved them significant time – they were able to use this time to focus on other important business initiatives and increase productivity across the company. 

The time the stores and resellers saved not having to update spread sheets manually allowed them to spend more time selling GANT products – leading to increased sales and revenue.  The solution enabled them to become overall a more efficient and productive organization with an increased focus on sales and client needs.

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