Data Centralization and Synchronization Revamps CX of Top-Notch Lighting Brand

Gerard Lighting is the company behind Australia’s most innovative and well-known lighting brands, including Pierlite, Sylvania, Crompton and Diginet. With over a century of experience, 700 employees and 2 manufacturing facilities, it delivers world-class lighting design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution.

Business Needs

The organization was facing inconsistency in product data due to different websites being managed by multiple proprietary Content Management Systems (CMSes) and admins. The organization’s product information was scattered, which was making it tough to update websites with current data; this confused the customers and required the unnecessary involvement of the company support team to clarify the provided information.

Digital marketing had also become highly complicated, as it required extensive training for each proprietary management system. In general, the lack of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Product Information Management (PIM) software and the presence of a propriety CMS with limited options, was compromising data consistency and accuracy.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore made sure that Gerard Lighting’s new digital presence uses only a single Pimcore instance to manage all their websites.

All product data and assets were synchronized with the help of MS Dynamics CRM to provide a single source of product information, thus centralizing all the information of their products.

Pimcore plugin ‘Template Engine technology’ which extensively uses Areablocks Technology by Pimcore was used in the solution. This provides the digital marketing team with a powerful way to customize website layouts and create customized content for each website without too much development from the client and developers. Besides, the role-based administration facilitated delegating some of the content and website management. Product data could be easily indexed to provide search and narrowing functionality.

Business Results

Gerard Lighting’s customer satisfaction improved considerably as they started targeting the right industry segment, such as architects, project managers, trade, B2C, and interior designers. The new solution facilitated cost effective and fast digital content marketing and publishing, allowing Gerard Lighting to increase the control over their content, enhance the speed while streamlining the process of product data and other content creation.

The need for manual creation of datasheet was eliminated due to Web2Print. The product data started being up-to-date across multiple websites. Their brand awareness improved drastically. The new solution supports Gerard Lighting’s business objectives, which is to expand their national and global presence and services.


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