Code of Ethics


Pimcore’s vision has been its consistent driver since its beginning in 2009. And this is the right vision statement for accompanying all Pimconauts during our transition from being a pure local open-source software vendor to a global provider for enterprise products and services.

“To own the digital world by providing complete digital transformation services to enterprises through our 100% open-source and consolidated software platform.”



We are on an awesome mission. On a mission to provide the best stack of products and services for challenging and demanding customers around the world. Based on innovation, flexibility, and the most optimized and feasible total cost of ownership.

“To partner with enterprise companies to manage their data and customer experiences and achieve their business goals using our innovative solutions.”


Code of Ethics

All Pimcore employees are driven by the same shared core values, those are substantial to our everyday’s work routines, activities, communication and collaboration.

As a result, our business code of ethics is based on our main company core values:


Core Values

We are building up a global Pimcore ecosystem. An ecosystem based on people with outstanding knowledge, capabilities and proven track records. Bound together by our defined core values 

Yes we can
To be healthy minds and foster forward and upward thinking for all.

To set and maintain the highest standards for the delivery of products and services.

To be risk-taking and challenge the status quo at every step. By knowing and following the law - always.

To be a partner in life of employees, clients, and stakeholders. We not only respect our partners, we truly engage with each other treating everyone like we want to be treated.

To be dependable for all. Trust is always about clear communication - so we always tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of our ability.

As part of these values, every Pimconaut will follow the law, act honorably, and treat co-workers with courtesy and respect.


Anti Bribery and corruption policy

As bribery is regulated by law and is unlawful and moreover a criminal offense, specifically under Section 304 to Section 308 of the Austrian Criminal Law Code (Strafgesetzbuch or StGB), every Pimconaut is required to observe the law guided by our core values at any time.

All employees are encouraged to immediately inform official institutions in case of any signs of bribery or corruption activities.

Violations of unlawful activities will also be prosecuted internally and will also entail resulting consequences for these employees.

For further general information regarding anti-bribery and corruption in Austria, see Anti-Corruption.


Ethics and compliance program

Every Pimconaut is required to attend the structured Pimcore onboarding program, including a dedicated session about Pimcore’s code of ethics held by our CEO and HR representatives. In this session, Pimcore’s core values are presented and discussed with new Pimconauts for better practical understanding.

Next to the onboarding program this code of ethics is available for internal access at Pimcore’s single source of knowledge truth – our intranet and knowledge base, which is used by every employee on a daily routine.

Additionally, Pimcore’s code of ethics is referenced in company presentations provided to partners and clients.


Anti bribery management system (i.e. ISO 37001:2016)

According to ISO 37001:2016, Pimcore provides a code of ethics, including an anti-corruption policy. Additionally, all compliance-related issues are managed by our COO, who is responsible for the daily operations of Pimcore. Despite that, Pimcore doesn’t have a formal anti-bribery management system according to ISO 37001:2016 yet.