Flexible PIM System Grows With Expanding Mail Order Business

The company 7days Marc Staperfeld GmbH, founded in 1999, designs, produces, and distributes high-quality workwear. The mail-order company operates throughout Europe and has its production facility in Morocco. 7days markets its articles both online via a webshop and newsletter and traditionally via the catalog. The goal of the project was the integration of a future-proof system consisting of PIM and DAM, which allows a clean structuring of attributes and is highly administrable and scalable. The PIM system should be able to import and process data for catalog creation directly via EasyCatalog in InDesign and at the same time make it available for the online shop.

Business Needs

7days was looking for a modern PIM system that facilitates a clean structure of attributes and is both manageable and scalable. The mail-order company wanted to be able to add new languages, products, countries, and distribution channels conveniently at any time as required, without the need for original programming.

Also, 7days wanted a PIM system that could import and process data for catalog creation directly into InDesign via EasyCatalog and at the same time make it available for the online shop.

Pimcore Solution

„Pimcore has established itself as a flexible, structured, sustainable platform within our company.“
Lena Bruns,
Media Designer at 7days

To meet the desired requirements of 7days, the digital commerce agency Blackbit has designed a suitable data model. Pimcore is ideally suited for the company to maintain and export all data from a single data master in a targeted manner. From Pimcore, the product data is now imported and processed in InDesign via EasyCatalog.

The InDesign templates individually created by Blackbit offer 7days the possibility to design and publish catalogs easily and independently. The desired export function for providing data for the existing Magento shop was also implemented. Thus, the product information for print (Easy Catalog/InDesign) and online shop (Magento) is now maintained centrally in Pimcore.

Business Results

The more automated print output and simplified mass changes result in considerable productivity advantages. Pimcore was introduced as a new open-source platform for product data maintenance and the working method was completely adapted to the new possibilities of the platform.

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