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For more than 80 years, Amefa has produced and sold cutlery and cutting tools worldwide. Since 2017, Amefa Germany relies on Pimcore as their PIM/ MDM and DAM system.

Business Needs

The product portfolio of Amefa Germany includes cutlery, cutting tools and a variety of household appliances. The different trade channels lead to a variety of different requirements as to the presentation and to the data operation.

The focus of Amefa lays on the hotel and gastronomy industry which is to be presented with a perfect overview of the portfolio of the brand. Even though the customer may put together their inquiry in an online shopping cart, the actual retail is organized via a proven network of local shops.

The data of the current merchandise management system is imported into the Pimcore PIM-/ DAM system and replenished with additional data from other systems.

Pimcore Solution

„With the Pimcore solution, Amefa has found a PIM/DAM system that perfectly meets our expectations.“

Amefa chose the Pimcore PIM and DAM solution with twocream from Wuppertal, Germany, being their Pimcore partner. twocream thus realized the project including the technical conception, the development and the implementation.

twocream has given advice choosing an appropriate system for the different business requirements and developed a content platform that manages the product data of Amefa most efficiently and thereby comes up to both the retailers’ and customers’ expectations. The new platform has become the basis for an exceptional user experience and an easy-to-handle tool for the entire staff.

With the powerful PIM functions of Pimcore at hand, Amefa is able to manage and present its extensive product information.

Business Results

With the all-new PIM/DAM system, Amefa is able to add marketing texts and images to their plain product information. Switching to the Pimcore solution, all users have been able to profit lastingly managing and taking care of product information.

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