Case Study: Ameropa-Reisen GmbH (in cooperation with yukon consulting GmbH) - Impression #1

Case Study: Redesigning Ameropa - Empowering PIM and CMS with asioso's API Integrations and Frontend Solutions

Ameropa is a tour operator that has specialized in sustainable and unforgettable travel experiences for over 70 years.

Asioso partnered with Ameropa in cooperation with yukon consulting GmbH to implement a PIM and CMS system, addressing their previous system's limitations. We developed REST APIs enabling seamless content integration into Pimcore. Our contributions involved frontend development, API implementation, and AWS setup support for a robust infrastructure.

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Customer Key Facts

500 000
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Product Attributes

Conquering intricacy, seamlessly integrating varied systems, and refining data management at Ameropa

Ameropa relied on an outdated system, posing a significant hurdle in integrating new technologies seamlessly. Their primary concern was the lack of streamlined processes for content insertion and retrieval. The existing system posed limitations, hindering their ability to manage and update product information swiftly and effectively. The transition from the old system to the PIM and CMS solution demanded meticulous planning and execution to prevent data loss and ensure a smooth transition for ongoing operations.

Case Study: Christoph Ramm | yukon consulting GmbH, Managing Director
"Working with the Pimcore experts from asioso was a pleasure. Always efficient, with good ideas and excellent knowledge of the Pimcore platform, the colleagues supported us in the implementation of the challenging project for our customer Ameropa. We would like to thank them very much and look forward to future joint projects!"
Christoph Ramm | yukon consulting GmbH, Managing Director

PIM and CMS Integration Empowering Ameropa's Digital Landscape

Asioso provided expertise in frontend development within the Pimcore platform. This involved creating user-friendly interfaces and optimizing the visual aspects of the system for an enhanced user experience. Moreover yukon consulting and asioso jointly designed a thoughtful solution, starting with developing custom REST APIs and creating customizable 'bricks'. The REST APIs enabled seamless integration of content into the Pimcore environment, enabling smooth content exchange. In addition, the construction of customer-specific 'bricks' was carried out specifically to meet specific requirements and increase the efficiency of the system.

Efficient Solutions through Pimcore and CMS Implementation

Asioso implemented a modern PIM and CMS solution, minimizing disruptions and preventing data loss. Integration of these systems provided a unified platform for content management, enhancing operational cohesion. Their AWS setup ensured optimal infrastructure deployment, scalability, and robust security measures. An API-centric approach facilitated seamless data transfer, streamlining operations and reducing disruptions during migration. Additionally, custom bricks created by asioso are improving efficiency and ensuring a more user-centric experience.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance

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