Technology Distributor Improves Time To Market for 7 Million Products

itsme is a distribution company with an annual turnover of EUR 200 million and offers more than 7 million technology products to B2B and B2C customers. An integrated Pimcore and Magento solution ensures efficient data management workflows and a fantastic digital commerce customer experience.

Business Needs

The company was facing a series of problems with its management of product information and needed a quick solution. The first issue was that the ordering process was very old-fashioned with most orders received mainly through telephone or fax. With a catalog of over 7 million products, this process led to inefficiency and disorganization with time and productivity lost by manually processing orders. Another issue was that there was a lack of tracking capabilities with the catalog. There was no possibility of tracking returning clients, prices, or gaining insights into the life cycle of products. The third issue was about the cooperation between suppliers and clients, specifically with the ETIM structure. The ETIM structure is a product classification that describes product properties and aims to make sure all suppliers are using consistent, standardized data. With the mostly manual entry of this data, the suppliers often provided the wrong data, which resulted in incomplete product information, incorrect orders, and inefficient business processes.

Pimcore Solution

After a thorough evaluation of various PIM systems by digital agency Youwe, the company decided to adopt Pimcore’s product information management (PIM) solution to solve its business problems. A connection between the eCommerce system Magento and the data management system Pimcore ensures an automated real-time synchronization of product information throughout all online sales channels. Double management of data is not necessary anymore with Pimcore. All product data is processed and stored in a single repository. Especially with the vast product database of 7 million records, the online shop requires elaborate product information about all available variants. 

Pimcore also provides specific notifications to stock acquisition when an end to a product’s lifecycle is near and ready for replacement.

A supplier portal ensures efficient collaboration and self-service for B2B partners. The possibility to independently import and export product data is convenient for both internal and external users of the system.

Business Results

With Pimcore in place, the cooperation between the suppliers and clients has become much more efficient. The overall business processes go much smoother, and customers became highly satisfied.

  • More efficient ordering process: shifted from offline to online ordering, which reduced the number of (manual) changes to the bare minimum. This initiative saved significant time for itsme, the suppliers, and the clients.
  • A better supplier experience due to the ease of use, time conserved and enhanced data quality within the product lifecycle based on the correctness and completeness of product information.
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