Case Study: ATS-Tanner Group - Impression #1

Case Study: Multi-Domain Project for Global Packaging Specialist

The ATS-Tanner Group is a globally active Swiss system provider for transport security and innovative sales packaging.

ATS-Tanner Group, a global leader in banding solutions, overhauled outdated websites and improved Google rankings through Pimcore solutions. The multi-domain project centralized product data, preparing for a future webshop. An integrated asset portal provided global access to updated marketing images, streamlining processes. IP geolocation tracking enhanced user experience, automating location-specific contact requests.

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Customer Key Facts


Creating a base with a scaled environment

The three new websites for Tanner & Co. AG, ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG, and BFT Produktions AG should be responsive, fresh, modern, and uniformly designed in accordance with the new CI/CD. The client also expected a definite improvement in page rankings on Google. Furthermore, the products and machines were to be more prominent on the websites and provided with all marketing-relevant information. The high-quality images required for this were to be managed centrally and in several languages. Besides, the customer also wanted the revision to lay the foundation for further projects such as webshop and database publishing for automatically generated print products.

Centralized and consistent data management across countries

Three new websites were created based on Pimcore. These three sites have been set up as a multi-domain project, so they can all be managed from the same Pimcore instance and, therefore, in the same user interface. The product data are centrally recorded in the PIM and form the basis for the future webshop on the website of Tanner & Co AG. Besides, an asset portal has been integrated, so that the international subsidiaries always have access to the latest product and marketing images. An IP geolocation tracking system was implemented on the website of ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG to output the location and, thus, the corresponding representation automatically. Contact requests are automatically sent to the responsible location. The website can also be displayed in six different languages. In addition to the digitally implemented solution, we revised the brand values and produced various print products, such as the image brochure.

Reduced time to market achieved with Pimcore Gold-Partner Brunner Medien AG

The ATS-Tanner Group now has a fresher and more attractive appearance, both online and in its new print products. With the current website, the Google ranking has improved significantly. The product data and CMS content can be easily and quickly edited in various languages. Marketing data, such as images and videos, are always up-to-date and centrally accessible for multiple employees. This saves resources and significantly reduces time-to-market. Besides, the foundation for further process optimization has been laid.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance

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