Audi download portal for car accessories with Web2Print

Fully automated connection to the jcatalog Master PIM. The Download Portal provides data, images, datasheets and an extensive Online Catalog. There is also a Web2Print feature integrated.

Feature Description

Quick and easy access to AGA images and texts – Use PIMBox for your online channels

Make a positive start to the new year with the new Product Information Management box (PIMBox), which is available from 01/01/2017. You can access centrally pooled, up-to-date data packages for all B2C-relevant products from Audi Genuine Accessories via the download center.

Download product-relevant texts and images for each part number via PIMBox for your communication with end customers and use these for incorporation within an online shop, for example. This eliminates the need to spend large amounts of time gathering this data from a wide range of sources.

To expand on this further, in PIMBox you can find a single file containing all available images of the current range of accessories relevant to end customers. These images are available to you as JPG files with a resolution of 704 px x 396 px. You can also download a country-specific Excel overview and various text files with information on product relationships, model relationships, category relationships or image relationships based on the part number, along with the corresponding B2C texts. Generally, online shop software is able to read and incorporate such texts after individual adaptations have been made.

The text files are available in 20 languages. When using PIMBox for your market, you will have access to the file for your country with the corresponding languages and the country-specific product portfolio.

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