Case Study: Auschitzky Matériel Électrique - Impression #1

Case Study: B2B Ecommerce - How Auschitzky Boosts Its Turnover Thanks to Its Online Sales Site

Auschitzky is a family business created in 1941 and has been distributing electrical equipment to professionals in Aquitaine for 80 years. With 1000 customers and 350,000 references, including 15,000 in stock, Auschitzky has an annual turnover of nearly 14 million euros. The company offers a wide range of products in the electrical sector.

Aware that B2B e-commerce is becoming the primary sales channel for professionals, Auschitzky decided to take advantage of the functionalities offered by the ecommerce platform set up by Galilée and SOCODA. The goal: to boost its visibility and its global sales performance by getting closer to its customers. SOCODA is partnering with Galilée to support all its members in their digital transformation.

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover
350 000
1 000

Ecommerce as an additional sales channel

The health crisis has fully changed the habits of buyers. The digital lever must therefore allow Auschitzky to differentiate itself in a sector dominated by two major players. Consequently, the company must make the purchasing process of its customers as fluid as possible. Its ecommerce site must constitute an additional sales channel by generating both traffic and additional revenue. The company's native information on its products was limited: labels, SKU codes, and a few lines of description. Auschitzky therefore had to make full use of the functionalities offered by the SOCODA group's B2B e-commerce platform, while ensuring a rapid and controlled implementation in terms of budget, logistics and quantities of items. This is a major challenge for any B2B distribution company that must adapt as quickly as possible to the new expectations of its customers and the market.
Case Study: Nicolas Auschitzky, General Manager
"Our online sales website constitutes a considerable lever of commercial development by bringing us even closer to our customers. Galilee has also shown itself to be very flexible in adapting to our eco-system, notably by working in partnership with our service provider to redesign the graphic interface."
Nicolas Auschitzky, General Manager

B2B Commerce by Galilée : MDM + E-commerce

Galilée recommended and deployed the Enterprise Pack of its B2B Commerce offer, specially designed for SMEs. The module is powered by Magento for the B2B ecommerce environment and by a Master Data Management (MDM = PIM + DAM), itself powered by Pimcore, perfectly meeting Auschitzky's needs. Pimcore as MDM (Master Data Management), serves the constraints of Product Information Management. A leading open source solution, it is at the heart of the digital transformation of communicating companies and is rich in business functionalities. Magento: a renowned solution and leader in ecommerce CMS, particularly for its advanced functionalities. The platform is enriched with product information. It makes customer relations more fluid thanks to a simplified purchasing cycle: authentication, home page, catalog, product sheet, shopping cart, validation and dashboard.
"The solution implemented at Auschitzky has enabled us to consolidate our expertise in B2B ecommerce, an activity of Galilée's offer. We know how to industrialize and deploy a highly competitive B2B ecommerce solution in four times less time than most market players, for a budget that is potentially three times smaller. We are perfectly suited to the needs of French SMEs."
Cédric Céler, B2B e-commerce project manager, Galilée

An optimized customer experience

The company perfectly meets the expectations of buyers: 1. The common exchange format between sellers and buyers allows to standardize orders. 2. Order administration is simplified and made more reliable. Sales teams can concentrate on high value-added tasks such as prospecting, up-selling or cross-selling. 3. The customer experience is made more fluid thanks to saved shopping carts. Users can place repetitive orders in a simplified way. 4. Sales performance and profitability are increased thanks to considerable time savings. Auschitzky has an additional sales channel and can rely on digital tools to boost its turnover. 5. The company benefits from support in deploying its B2B e-commerce site and from a trusting and lasting relationship, with Galilée providing recognized expertise in product management.

Key Results

Million Prices managed
200 000
Data Objects
1 000
Anual Orders

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