Database-Publishing with Pimcore and InDesign

Axel Johnson International is a family-run industrial group that acquires companies worldwide in strategic niche markets, primarily in the area of technical components and industrial process solutions.

On the occasion of publishing an new catalog design of the subsidiary CERTEX we implemented our solution PimPrint. With this solution any communication media can be prepared ready for printing directly and automatically from the existing Pimcore-PIM. The solution can be multiplied by Axel Johnson for all its brands.

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Closing the gap between PIM and InDesign

As an industrial group with 150 companies, Axel Johnson International relies not least on printed advertising materials such as catalogs, brochures or data sheets to provide information about the extensive product and solution portfolio of all its subsidiaries worldwide. The company already had a Pimcore-based PIM, but was now looking for a way to transfer selected data and assets directly and automatically into InDesign. This is exactly what our solution PimPrint does. With the publication of the new CERTEX catalog, the solutionwas to be launched and should from then on serve as the basis for the consolidation of all publications within the industrial group.

Native and seamlessly integrated in Pimcore PIM

Our print solution is natively and seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing Pimcore PIM, eliminating the need for exports or middleware when exporting data and assets to InDesign. Using an InDesign plug-in, they can be placed directly into InDesign template documents. The creation and management of the templates remains in the customer's hands without any restrictions. On the other hand, no specifications are made to the data model or the asset structure in the Pimcore back end, because our PimPrint CoreBundle is designed as a framework. Integrated HTML parsers automatically convert HTML into native InDesign elements, and the automation can be adapted to new project requirements using custom InDesign JavaScript. For multilingual publications, all languages maintained in Pimcore can be accessed during generation. And by taking over the rights and roles management of Pimcore, the multi-brand construct remains mapped in the InDesign plug-in.