Website Relaunch for Kind im Zentrum

Kind im Zentrum combines the Orthopedic Children's Hospital in Aschau and a differentiated educational, medical-therapeutic and curative education support program for children, adolescents and young adults with physical, mental and multiple disabilities in the curative education centers in Aschau, Piding and Ruhpolding.

We developed a new website that includes all locations, institutions as well as faculties and treatment offers, while providing a well structured, appealing and modern look and feel, which meets the current web standards.

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Locations, institutions, faculties and many employees - united under the same roof

We were facing the old web presence, which was loaded with illogically structured, non-userfriendly information . Our goal was to restructure the whole information into a form, where a user can effortlessly navigate through the pages and help him satisfying his personal need as quick as possible.

Clear structure with data objects, while keeping the interface userfriendly

We used data objects to structure locations, faculties, job offers and employees. That way we can link employees and job offers directly to locations and faculties, faculties directly to locations and such create a logical, hierarchical order for the stored information, which leads to well structured Templates.

Labor relief, resource-saving and a single point of truth

We minimized the effort our customer has, when integrating new job offers, adding new faculties and employees as well as changing descriptions or addresses. From now on, all he needs to do to update information, is to maintain a single data object and all relations on the website will be updated as well.

Key Results

-60 %
Shortened Time to market
-90 %
Reduced duplicate data
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