BigMat France empowers its network of independent members to create its promotional materials

With a turnover of more than 1 billion euros, BigMat France is the European leader in the distribution of materials and products for building renovation and construction. Its strength is based on its grouping of about a hundred independent traders and nearly 300 points of sale, each with different trading typologies on its local market.

The brand centralises its product resources and unifies its communication media thanks to a marketing production platform developed by Galileo, powered by the Pimcore and CHILI publisher solutions.

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover
3 000

Decentralised marketing production

To access a truly decentralised marketing production and offer its members substantial autonomy in adapting local campaigns, BigMat has opted for an ergonomic solution to streamline commercial media production (posters, flyers, etc.). The electricity and construction sector is one of the densest in product references and depth of range; BigMat has chosen to structure and unify its product data before distributing it across multiple marketing channels. At the same time, BigMat has supported its network in connecting the tool as a benchmark solution, creating the opportunity to promote thousands of products on different channels. The challenge, therefore, consisted in facilitating its use by making it available to as many people as possible for creative execution and marketing deliverables. To do this, the BigMat teams wanted to rely on the proximity of the head office to its network of members to identify pilot users within each structure.
"The Galilée - BigMat partnership is launched, I hope for many years to come! Implementing our marketing production platform has made it possible to reduce the time-to-market by facilitating interactions between the various services, always aiming to meet the needs of the member and the market. User feedback is very positive."
Nadine NOBRE, Publishing communication manager, BigMat

BigMat's Brand Portal

The solution provided by Galilée and deployed for BigMat, an MDM Self Service Brand Portal platform including online document editing, making it possible to create and enrich online communication media intended for printing. BigMat's MDM (Master Data Management) consists of a DAM (Digital Asset Management) to store, organize and share all of the brand's visuals / digital assets (used as part of an efficient production workflow multi-channel media). A PIM (Product Information Management) manages, distributes, and harmonizes up-to-date product information to various distribution channels. And online document editing workflows associated with each output channel using the CHILI publisher.
"Galilée brought all its expertise to the specificities of the technological building blocks of this platform. Generally, product data is only controlled by the brand; at BigMat, members can create and manage their database thanks to the business functions we have provided."
Jean-Louis DOUSSET, Pimcore specialist, Galilée

Multiples benefits

1. Multiplication and diversification of communication operations and publications: nearly a hundred media campaigns produced over a quarter 2. National brand consistency and uniqueness 3. User autonomy and time savings thanks to a flexible solution rich in business features 4. Reduction of creation and production costs 5. Data liberation for personalized marketing: users can focus on choosing which products to promote 6. Adoption speed of members with already around a hundred trained users 7. Solution designed to meet omnichannel requirements Regular training and information points on the tool will facilitate the network's learning curve, which will gain autonomy to gradually create more complex supports. Members will thus be able to anticipate and plan their promotional activities more calmly and define more impactful local communication plans based on an increase in seasonal campaigns.

Key Results

100 media campaigns produced over first quarter
Quick adoption from users

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