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Case Study: A New Simple and Entirely Digital, Self-Administered Service Thanks to Pimcore

The leasing provider Bikeleasing offers modern, sustainable mobility concepts for more than 38,000 companies in Germany and Austria – from self-employed to corporations with thousands of employees.

To meet the strong increase in demand and to guarantee smooth leasing processes with the extra service typical for Bikeleasing, Blackbit implemented complete digital, modern and service-oriented processes that can be used easily via app or online portal – and were rolled out internationally.

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A new simple and entirely digital, self-administered service thanks to Pimcore

Blackbit and Bikeleasing developed a strategy to maximally profit from convenient and uninterrupted processing of leasing contracts and insurance claims: moving away from paper, towards an online portal and app. The biggest challenge was the logical sequence of necessary sub-processes in the leasing business, their mapping in the system, and the automation: Which processes are triggered and which dependencies must be created within the system so that entire company bicycles processes can be handled as unbureaucratically as possible in a simple, uninterrupted user journey? Simply everyone should benefit from a pure company bike experience to meet the strong increase in demand and to continue to guarantee smooth leasing processes with the extra service typical for Bikeleasing.
Case Study: Axel Hillebrandt, Head of Marketing at Bikeleasing
"Since the newest developments based on Pimcore we gained customers with more than 100,000 newly registered employees, strengthened our position in Austria and raised potential growth to more than 38,000 companies with over 2.1 million employees."
Axel Hillebrandt, Head of Marketing at Bikeleasing

Synchronized data for simple user journeys for employees, employers and dealers

With the help of an API interface, Blackbit linked the customer relationship management (CRM) with the new application. Through continuous data synchronization, leasing contracts maintained in the CRM are automatically synchronized with the product information management system (PIM) and transferred to the app. True to the mobile-first concept, the first step was to develop a version of the application that is optimized for mobile devices. and was creating the mobile version of the Bikeleasing portal in the new form of a web application, which end customers of the company bike service can also access via desktop. Blackbit upgraded the Bikeleasing PIM and equipped the company bike provider with the latest version of the powerful open-source software and installed a language switch in the Bikeleasing portal so that it is available in English at the click of a button. This opened the company bike service to international customers living in Germany or Austria.

International, fast, efficient, user-friendly and always up to date

Thanks to the technical optimizations, international Bikeleasing customers can now quickly and easily find their dream bike and go through the whole process of company bike leasing. This leads to a maximally simple user journey for employees, employers, and dealers, while the portal or app and the CRM get synchronized in the background. Bikeleasing has grown to respond to the high demand and, thanks to a broad digital offering, can meet it at a level of the highest service quality and, at the same time, satisfies modern customer needs. Whether via the Bikeleasing app or the portal: thanks to optimized processes and numerous new features, the services for leasing bicycles and e-bikes of all kinds can be handled easily and at any time while on the go. From uncomplicated registration and mobile contract management to the quick and easy handling of damage claims, everyone involved benefits from the new application.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Increased Website Traffic
Increased Average Order Value
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