Case Study: C.B.C. Computer Business Center GmbH

Manual processes slow down productivity and generate additional costs for your company and your customers. Digitization optimizes them and saves time and costs, including growing satisfaction among all users—good reasons for C.B.C. GmbH to take its B2B E-Commerce processes to a new level.

As a manufacturer-independent IT system house, C.B.C., with its over 160 employees, has been providing a diverse portfolio since 1982. This ranges from hardware and software sales to IT consulting and a comprehensive range of other IT services.

Initial situation and objectives

For an optimized procurement process on the part of the customers, C.B.C. provides them with a shopping cart with suitable components. Previous manual interventions on the part of C.B.C. and its customers should be a thing of the past thanks to a completely digitalized process.

The digitization of these processes should make them more efficient. The creation of shopping baskets is automated and can be used across customers. By setting up a portal, the customer should be able to log in and find the shopping baskets and articles tailored to his needs and handle the order process. Personalized price lists per customer represent a further individualization.

The maintenance, creation and distribution of file-based lists are no longer necessary. Adjustments to article attributes or prices are possible in real-time and are directly available to the customer. The ordering process is entirely digital.

Pimcore as a flexible and growing solution

The new platform is based on the Pimcore eCommerce framework.  Thanks to its flexibility, the desired services and functionalities could be customized. Both for the B2B sector and for end customers in the B2C segment.

Using the PIM platform of Pimcore, CBC managers create individual shopping carts for all clients and assign products to them in a targeted manner. All article data is maintained and supplemented at a central location.

Employees of the client with administrative access are given access to the master data, rights management, as well as location-dependent/related billing and delivery addresses after login.

Further advantages are:

  • Multilingualism
  • clear and concise order history
  • direct contact to your personal CBC contact person

"Thanks to the new e-commerce platform, our customers can now access our product portfolio conveniently and completely digitally. This enables us and our customers to achieve significantly more efficient processes. Our long-time partner Intera has understood from the beginning what our requirements and goals are. And then, in the shortest possible time, led the system to productive use. We are looking forward to expanding the platform together."

Marc Heyer, Managing Director, C.B.C. Computer Business Center GmbH

Project schedule

Already in an early phase, C.B.C. was convinced of the performance of the Pimcore platform. Reasons were mainly found in the individuality and flexibility of this platform. This enables C.B.C. to implement new functionalities quickly and flexibly for its customers. The focus was also on the central, simple, and structured collection and maintenance of product data as well as the individual design at the customer level.

Various criteria played a decisive role in the decision to implement Intera. The experience from many projects, the sovereign presentation of the Pimcore platform and of course the excellent reputation as Pimcore Gold Partner in the Rhine-Main area.

The individual store design was realized within a very short time and in close and iterative coordination between CBC and Intera. In a project duration of almost six weeks, a multi-client capable eCommerce system was created. Pimcore once again proved to be an efficient solution. Thanks to its framework approach and integrated eCommerce solution, a multi-client capable solution was created in just six weeks.

This was then successively rolled out for several clients and continuously developed further. Further functions such as an approval workflow and the ERP connection are already in preparation

Pimcore Silver Partner
  • C.B.C. Computer Business Center GmbH
Solution Partner
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