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Case Study: A move towards optimized digital communication

Carl Kühne KG is a German food manufacturer that mainly produces vinegars and delicacies. The family company sells its products to over 50 countries.

With the website relaunch, Carl Kühne AG is placing a clear focus on the increasing importance of digital communication. A fresh brand appearance, optimized user experience and the new design, as well as improved internal workflows are the focus of the objective. This step also marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with Kühne, which will be characterized by further feature expansion in the future.

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Stay relevant

In a time of rising food prices, FMCG brands are faced with the challenge of staying in the “relevant set” of their consumers - or winning them over. Speed is the catalyst for success here. Not only was the short development time an important success factor, but also the conception of the site for an optimized SEO approach and paid measures - nationally and internationally. Last but not least, efficient editorial workflows in the PIM and CMS as well as easy maintenance of the website are important building blocks that had to be developed.

One integrated platform

The developed PIM and CMS offer an intuitive user interface that allows editors to easily create and manage content. Implementing comprehensive SEO specifications improves the organic visibility of the website in search engines. The integration of the country pages on one platform was also a complex challenge that was successfully overcome - the multilingual platform now enables the separate management of country content, based on a common technical infrastructure. The decision for a future-oriented DXP based on Pimcore forms the new, powerful foundation for the current website and enables seamless integration of new functions and extensions. Last but not least, the appearance of the brand on the web has also changed dramatically: The reinterpretation of the CI was transferred to an adaptable design system in the interests of sustainability and consistency and brings a uniform look to the website.


Focus on digital communication

Thanks to the new Pimcore Platform, users now have the opportunity to experience the product range of Carl Kühne KG digitally. In addition to extensive product information, users can also find numerous recipe ideas for Carl Kühne KG products here. The central platform allows the client to maintain product data quickly and in an integrated manner, launch new products and market them specifically for the market.

Key Results

Increased Product Attributes
Months From Idea to Go-Live

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