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CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with a fully integrated cloud security solution, offering unparalleled speed, security and reliability for the almost instant delivery of web content. CDNetworks accelerates and secures websites and web applications over their strategically built network of global PoPs in both established and emerging markets. CDNetworks has offices located in the UK, France, Germany, US, South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

Business Needs

CDNetworks was operating different websites for each of their branch offices. Managing all of these websites and their data separately on different Content Management Systems was inefficient and time-consuming and often lead to confusion.

They were also lacking a system to track and download contact leads in a central database. Furthermore there was no proper event-tracking to retrace where their leads came from.

Pimcore Solution

Through consultation from DGTLS, a digital agency in Munich Germany, CDNetworks was advised to use Pimcore as their solution. With Pimcore’s implementation, came the possibility to unite all sites and microsites in a single-source.

In this single-source, they could administer different user rights to regulate the different country’s sites. A tag system was developed to match industries, products, and resources in an efficient way with minimal effort required in the backend.

With the new solution, they developed a variety of different forms as a call-to-action such as contact forms, white paper download forms or speed tests. This enabled them to create more leads by tracking and understanding their website visitors.

Business Results

Managing all the microsites in a single-source enabled CDNetworks to save time that they could then use on other important business initiatives. Their teams could accomplish more during the day, which lead to increased business productivity.

With the new lead management system, they could gain more leads and achieve a much higher conversion rate which ultimately lead to more customers and thus revenue.

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