Case Study: Management of Product Characteristics

A French company created in 1942, CHRYSO is the leader in admixtures for construction materials in France. The company offers its customers - cement manufacturers, concrete and prefabrication manufacturers, applicators and construction companies - its expertise in chemistry, formulation, and our knowledge of materials.

The objective of our project was to centralize product data in order to publish fact sheets

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover

Data reliability and an automated publication process

Establishment of a collaborative data repository and a multichannel product enrichment and validation workflow
"The project was executed in 4 months. The users have taken ownership of the solution, which allows us today to consider a second phase to extend the platform to other functionalities. The future lots will be: - Deployment of the solution in international subsidiaries, - Managing product catalogs as the basis of an ecommerce site"
José Munoz, Group Chief Information Officer

Pimsight Solution

PerfectSight provided us with a solution prepackaged on pimcore: Pimsight. This solution allowed us to: - Centralize all of our product information, - Control our data quality, thanks to the implementation of rules and rights responding to our process, - Set up a workflow allowing us to manage and follow the product information advancement stages
"Our customer needed a solution to centralize its product information, ensure data consistency and automatically build its technical sheets, taking into account the specific needs of the different Business Units. We’ve been able to build with our customer an effective and reliable application based on the Pimcore technology. Thanks to this solution, their teams are now able to work more effectively"
Paolo Pagani, Project Director

Efficiency and Data Quality

Efficiency: Less entry of information, More consistency, Up-to-date information in all the systems in real time, no more interventions to publish the technical sheets on the website, sharepoint -> everything is done automatically by the workflow therefore the information is qualitative on the one hand and is available more quickly.

Key Results

+ 20%
Operational Effectiveness
+ 10%
Customer Satisfaction

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