Case Study: Club del Digitale e dell'Innovazione - Impression #1

Case Study: CDI, a brand new platform with exclusive services for its members

The Digital and Innovation Club of Turin (CDI) is a unique place for the aggregation of knowledge and high-level skills: its members are in fact bearers of the most diverse experiences and represent a significant wealth of knowledge to be shared and able to influence the ICT context of the country. The Club is made up of more than 400 members and has 40 years of history. The Club aims to be a reference and meeting point for professionals in the digital, innovation and information management community.

Through the total overhaul of its official website, the Club aims to involve new ICT professionals and offer new features and services to its members. A new modern and professional graphic interface will ensure a better user experience, usability and adaptability to mobile devices. A new personal area will provide access to resources, services and exclusive features dedicated to members, allowing them to interact with each other, participate in events and manage their profile.

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New features and functionalities

The old CDI website faced the challenge of incorporating new features and functionalities due to its outdated nature and limited service offerings. The website had an outdated and unattractive graphic appearance, and it lacked interactive features, preventing members from engaging with each other or the content effectively. Registration for events was cumbersome, requiring the use of external services like Google Forms. Additionally, the site's structure was complicated and unintuitive, making navigation and information retrieval difficult for users. Furthermore, it failed to offer exclusive content or special resources for members, as all content was accessible to any visitor.


A new state-of-the-art web platform

The new state-of-the-art web platform for the CDI, designed exclusively for club members, represents a significant improvement over the previous website. It caters specifically to the needs of the ICT professional community, featuring a modern and attractive design aligned with current web design trends, utilizing appealing colors and layouts. The website introduces a Personal Member Area with customized features and exclusive resources, along with a member directory to enhance networking opportunities. Advanced communication tools like newsletters and notifications keep members informed and engaged. The site structure is now more navigable, allowing users to find content easily. It also offers exclusive content and resources, including documents, presentations, and confidential communications, exclusively for members. Overall, the revamped CDI website enhances the member experience, fosters engagement, and facilitates more effective communication, positioning the CDI as a modern, forward-thinking organization in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

"It has been an honour to make a significant change from the past. It has become an interactive and comprehensive hub for the membership community, greatly enhancing our Members' experience and allowing them to maximise the value of their Club membership"
Stefano and Simone, Sistaar's founders

Connect, Participation, Innovation

The results achieved with the new platform have been amazing and tangible. Compared to the old site, our members can now: Connect Easily: Members can easily connect and interact with each other through the new member directory, creating meaningful professional connections. Access Exclusive Resources: Members can access exclusive documents, presentations and training resources that were not available before. Active Participation: The new platform allows members to actively participate in discussions, promote ideas and initiatives, and provide feedback directly to the Board. Improved Communications: Thanks to new communication features, members receive timely and relevant communications directly from Club leadership. A Personalised Personal Area: Each member now has a dedicated Personal Area that offers a personalised experience, with access to all information and services pertaining to their account.

Key Results

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