Case Study: Foundations Laid for Completely New Communication Strategy

Two NGOs merge and need a new communication platform. Pimcore provides the technical basis for the central administration of all media content with significantly simplified work processes. Visitors will gain a variety of insights and a direct donation opportunity for aid projects. Comundo is an NGO based in Lucerne, which is active in development cooperation in eight different countries. More than 100 experts are engaged locally in education, health, food and income security, human rights, and climate protection. Comundo is an institutional partner of the SDC.uct presentation in the foreground.

As of 1 January 2020, the two organisations Comundo and INTERTEAM have joined forces to become the largest Swiss organisation in the field of human resources development cooperation. The organisation thus received a new internal structure, new staff, and a completely new communication strategy.

Business Needs

With the revised communication strategy, the visual appearance was redesigned and a new website was necessary. The unique selling propositions of Comundo should be more present and interested parties and donors should be able to inform themselves comprehensively but clearly about current activities and the different locations. In addition, a direct donation possibility was to be integrated on the site and in the future, applications for outreaches should be able to be processed purely digitally.
Previous data from INTERTEAM had to be smoothly merged with that of Comundo. The merging of the data and the revision of the communication strategy had to take place in a short period parallel to the entire internal restructuring of the organization. Thus, a large amount of data had to be organized systematically and quickly. Content creation, programming and web design had to be done simultaneously.

Pimcore Solution

For the new positioning and the corresponding CI/CD, the agency One Marketing AG was commissioned, which has also made a name for itself in communications for other larger NGOs such as Amnesty International, Stiftung Cerebral, Kinderdorf Pestalozzi and Greenpeace. In cooperation with One Marketing, Brunner Medien developed the web design and technical implementation. A central database has been set up for all information on the individual locations and projects, which is displayed on the website with extensive filter options. In addition, modules for news, events and the blog «Youth needs a future» were integrated into the website.

This created the basis for effective inbound marketing. The website is trilingual (German/French/Italian) and, depending on the language selected, contact persons or reports from specialists with the corresponding mother-tongue are displayed. The website now also contains a job portal with direct application possibilities. The job advertisements were designed to be compliant with Googleʼs job search function. A donation tool that is visible at any time was also integrated into the website. Besides general donations, this also offers contributions to a national program or directly to an individual project.

Business Results

Brunner Medien AG was able to fully contribute its experience as a Pimcore Gold Partner and its expertise in the fields of graphics and online marketing and completed the project within the tight time frame. Comundo is now able to efficiently manage its well-structured media content (news, events, job ads, pictures, videos, project descriptions, and portraits of team members) and display it on a modern website with little effort and in a way that is tailored to the target group. The blog is now integrated into the CMS, and there is no longer an isolated solution. The work processes for applications for specialist assignments have been significantly simplified. In the future, the solution created can easily be expanded in a modular fashion; for example, diverse information can be used very easily for the creation of print products.

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