Case Study: Product Information Management System incl. Web2Print

Continental Aftermarket GmbH (ATE) can look back on more than 100 years of experience. The ATE brand is one of the oldest and most successful brands on the brake market and belongs to the Continental Group, one of the largest and most powerful automotive suppliers worldwide.

Business Challenge

For the management of ATE's numerous spare parts and accessories, the company used an in-house developed web application that had become technically obsolete and functionally limited. A PIM system should be introduced for the migration of this application so that the articles could be played out via several channels. In addition to the website, the focus was primarily on the automated generation of printable PDF catalogs. The catalogs generation should be configurable, so that the users can easily select and combine e.g., language, chapters, relevant articles, etc. The Continental Aftermarket GmbH produces print catalogs at regular intervals, and in large print runs. The catalogs must be compiled and generated in a target-group-oriented way. First, a central product information management system had to be implemented to avoid redundant data storage. The website and the print catalogs need to be issued from the PIM. As ATE operates internationally, multilingualism plays an essential role in all channels. A total of eight languages had to be covered. Translation offices needed to be connected via an interface for the respective translations.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore is used as the PIM system. The existing articles were automatically migrated to the new object structure using a database mapping. Since the generation of a multi-page, printable PDF catalog (> 100 pages) places high demands on performance and quality, PDFreactor was connected to the PIM. In addition to scalability, flexibility was one of the core requirements for PDF Catalogs generation. In this context, ATE needed to be able to compile and structure catalogs independently. This was possible by a flexible, individual tree structure for each catalog and a drag and drop function to enrich the objects with the corresponding content. Table of contents, title page, cover pages, chapters, products, language, etc. can be combined and set arbitrarily before PDFreactor generates and stores a finished PDF file for printing.

Pimcore Platform Integration

A Pimcore system was set up for the implementation, and the existing website was migrated accordingly. An individual import script ported the data from the old system into the new one. Subsequently, an interface was created for translators who can translate website content as well as products and information created using Pimcore objects. Each translator may be granted or withdrawn different rights in this respect. 

Business Results

The new PIM system incl. PDFreactor reduces the working time required for the creation of a PDF catalog many times over. At the same time, the susceptibility to errors was significantly reduced, as the PIM system ensures that the latest product information and the associated images are used. With a high print run, an error (e.g., outdated product description, incorrect pricing, etc.) weighs heavily and causes unnecessary costs. Furthermore, the central articles are played out via the website, which is also integrated into Pimcore. 

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