Deployed an inventory management system for Contrast Media Agency

Contrast Media is a US-based experiential marketing company. They help businesses set up booths and stalls in expos/events/exhibitions. It manages the required inventory to set up a booth in an expo.

Contrast Media wanted to develop an inventory management solution. Credencys built a solution that contains an admin panel, an interface for the client’s business associates, & a website for the team. Admin panel manages all the inventory data centrally. An interface allows business associates to upload items’ data in bulk. The website allows the Contrast Media warehouse teams to add inventory items on the fly through the web or mobile browsers.

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Manual data management for inventory items results in inefficient inventory management

Contrast Media Agency used to manage inventory items for stalls set up material across the four warehouses. They used to store and manage inventory data manually in different digital files such as excel sheets, spreadsheets, etc. It results in scattered data. When the data is not managed in a single palace, the client was not able to manage and track the inventory effectively. Eventually, the client was facing challenges of bad customer experience and eventually business loss. Additionally, the client used to manage customer data in disparate platforms. The customer information is available in digital files and on the executives’ phones. When they need to connect with any customer, they need to search the customer information at different places. In the absence of a centralized system, Contrast Media Agency was facing the challenges of inefficient inventory management and poor customer experiences.

Implemented a tailored inventory management system for Contrast Media Agency

Credencys engineered a robust inventory management system for Contrast Media using Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) frameworks of Pimcore to manage inventory data effectively, centrally, and accurately. Credencys developed an admin panel that helps the internal staff of Contrast Media store and manage inventory items and customer information in a single repository. Using an interface, the business associates of Contrast Media upload item data and perform item data editing for their respective items from the respective interfaces. Credencys developed a website for the warehouse staff of Contrast Media. Executives add the item information and store the data in the inventory management system. To deliver the best-in-class inventory management system, Credencys developed and integrated advanced features like bulk item upload, category management, warehouse management, inventory management, customer data management, and more.

Streamlined inventory management processes

Transforming manual inventory data management operations into automated ones, Credencys helped clients to manage scattered data in a single platform. Earlier, the client used to manage the data into different excel sheets across all 4 warehouses. Now, the team of Contrast Media manages all the inventory items and customer data in a single system.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Increased Productivity

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