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Case Study: Fast, Easy Access to Educational Off-Campus Destinations With “Class on the Go”

DB Regio AG is responsible for Deutsche Bahn AG’s local passenger transport in Germany and is divided into two divisions: rail and bus. As one of the largest employers and carriers in the country, DB Regio is a service provider for numerous public and private partners and is the market leader in Germany's local transport sector.

We created the content platform "Class on the Go" to offer teachers of all grade levels inspiration and information on educational field trip destinations in Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition, the platform supports the planning and execution of school class travel via Deutsche Bahn.

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More school trips by train

DB Regio AG is taking the initiative to help educators introduce children and young adults to train travel as part of comprehensive traffic and mobility education. In addition, "Class on the Go" aims to increase the utilization of public transportation outside of peak hours. Basilicom was commissioned to transfer this initiative to the digital sphere. The main challenge was to convince the target audience, teachers, of the attractiveness of train travel. Many educators preferred to coordinate class travel by bus, or were unaware of suitable educational destinations that could be reached by DB Regio.

A content platform for organizing individual school excursions with Deutsche Bahn

On the basis of the content management system Pimcore, we created a digital solution in which school field trip destinations and all relevant travel information can be managed as structured data and flexibly displayed. A mobile and modern frontend with an appealing design makes it possible for users to digitally experience potential destinations and considerably simplifies both searching for and planning class excursions. A faceted search makes it possible to find suitable locations in a targeted manner. All relevant information on respective field trip destinations has been prepared in high-quality form and is also available as a DIN A4 PDF to provide students with appropriate printouts. Last but not least, the website also provides support for purchasing suitable group tickets and planning the journey via Deutsche Bahn.

A unique offer to increase the appeal of class trips by train

With the "Class on the Go'' initiative and the digital information service on field trip destinations in northeastern Germany which we implemented, DB Regio now offers an online service unique in terms of its quality and scope and which has been very well received by the target group. Educational school excursions by train are now much easier thanks to a comprehensive range of services, from research to planning to implementation — and the acceptance of traveling by train is on the rise.

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