Case Study: German Red Cross - Impression #1

Case Study: Red Cross For All: Design Templates With Just A Click

The German Red Cross is the National Red Cross Society in Germany and part of the world's largest humanitarian organization: the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Crisscross was yesterday - so that every branch of the DRK can use the organization's corporate design, the Junge Haie, in cooperation with the agency Sherpa, have developed an online platform through which members can easily use the style guide and design templates.

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The mission: to make work easier

In cooperation with the Hamburg agency Sherpa, the Junge Haie developed a platform on which all corporate design definitions and templates are freely available to all users of the German Red Cross - anytime and anywhere. The focus was on the requirement that the corporate design can be used in as many associations as possible, since this is not a must due to the federal structure of the German Red Cross. The goal was therefore to create a platform that everyone in the DRK would be happy to use and that would be simple and intuitive to operate - regardless of the technical expertise of the individual user.

Creating great solutions through teamwork

At the beginning of the project, the Junge Haie held a collaborative workshop with the Sherpas and the German Red Cross. In the workshop, the requirements for the new platform were defined and the responsibilities of the Sherpas and the Junge Haie were assigned.  Both the design of the online style guide and the design templates themselves were created by the Sherpas in coordination with the Junge Haie. The technical implementation was carried out by the Junge Haie. Due to the modularity of the templates and the objective of easy usability of the platform, the Junge Haie also participated in the design to ensure the technical feasibility of the project. We provided the basic pages of the online style guide, while the Sherpas created the detailed pages.  The continuous expansion of the online style guide also took place in close cooperation between the German Red Cross, the Sherpas and the Junge Haie.

An online style guide - a lot of time savings

The result is an online style guide that was technically developed by the Junge Haie. It features a user login and can be used on all end devices. As a result, more than 600,000 full-time and volunteer workers in the DRK can now access all media templates and use design templates for individual design. Due to the diverse target groups addressed by the German Red Cross, the Sherpas developed a modular design principle of different design lines that can be applied as needed. This resulted in a uniform corporate design, as the style guide can be used by any association through the online platform. Thanks to the Pimcore content management system, the DRK can edit the style guide itself at any time and provide templates for the various associations. With the help of single sign-on, material can be assigned to user groups. This makes it clearer and saves time.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
600 000
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