Case Study: Emotivo - Impression #1

Case Study: Making dreams come true with Emotivo

Emotivo is an enterprise created in 2009, based on its founders’ passion for unusual sports and outdoor activities. They decided to make dreams come true.

Emotivo asked Tandemite for help with creating a PIM system for their extensive product base. They needed a well-performing system to improve processes inside the company and make customers' lives easier. And Tandemite did it.

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Redefining Experiences Beyond Sports Events

Managing the Emotivo stores and the company's portfolio has become an increasingly exciting and challenging endeavor as they venture beyond their initial focus on selling vouchers for sports events. Emotivo has expanded its product base to offer a diverse range of experiential vouchers that cater to a variety of interests and passions. From concerts and music festivals to theatre performances, art exhibitions, culinary experiences, adventure sports, and wellness retreats, Emotivo has transformed into a one-stop destination for unique and memorable experiences. The decision to diversify Emotivo's product base was driven by the evolving demands of their customers and the desire to tap into new markets. This expansion presented a multitude of challenges, including building and maintaining partnerships with a vast network of event organizers and experience providers, staying updated with the latest trends and emerging experiences, and managing the logistics and operations of a diverse range of events.


Personalized PIM System to Revolutionize Product Management

Emotivo's implementation of a Pimcore. It streamlined their ability to store and manage their expanding product base, making it a breeze for both Emotivo and their vendors. The PIM system centralized product information, allowing Emotivo to easily organize and update details such as event descriptions, pricing, availability, and vendor information. With streamlined information flow and automated processes, Emotivo could swiftly adapt to market trends and seamlessly incorporate new experiences into their product range. Not only did Pimcore simplify internal operations, but it also provided vendors with a user-friendly platform to upload and manage their services. This reduced administrative overhead and improved collaboration between Emotivo and their vendors, strengthening relationships and ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information across all channels.


Driving Results: The Impact of New Systems on Emotivo's Operations and Collaborations

Emotivo's implementation of Pimcore has yielded impactful results, streamlining operations, and fostering collaborations with both service providers and their audience. Pimcore supports process automation, replacing manual tasks with efficient automated processes that save time and resources. By streamlining operations, Emotivo gains agility and responsiveness, allowing them to adapt quickly to market demands. The new systems also expand Emotivo's collaboration opportunities, facilitating seamless communication and joint efforts with service providers.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Time saved in data maintenance

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