Case Study: Efficient and Automated: One Pimcore Solution for All Needs - Impression #1

Case Study: Efficient and Automated: One Pimcore Solution for All Needs

Enableme supports people with disabilities and chronic diseases worldwide.

Switzerland, Germany, Kenya and additionally in Ukraine, Bulgaria, India and Uganda: The Enableme platform of the «MyHandicap» foundation is committed to the exchange of people with disabilities and chronic diseases on three continents. Solutions with linguistic and geographical flexibility had to be found for the website's system architecture.

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Customer Key Facts

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The initial situation

The non-profit foundation MyHandicap operates the portal Enableme in various countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. There, information, support and exchange for people with disabilities or chronic diseases are provided and maintained in the respective language. A flexible platform was created and a seamless interface to the community implemented for the internationally varying needs of information and content maintenance.

The solution with Pimcore

To ensure the multilingualism and international orientation of Enableme for countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, a corresponding multicountry and multilanguage architecture was scaled in Pimcore. For this purpose, an interface between Pimcore and Vanilla - the platform of the multilingual community forum - was implemented. With the intuitive editing of the content in the backend, Pimcore enabled the uncomplicated integration of new country structures. Because different people in various countries sometimes edit identical topics, DACHCOM implemented a technical solution that locks the corresponding topic areas globally during editing. To achieve the best possible flexibility, we extended Pimcore data objects with an inline editing function. This makes it possible to additionally enrich structured data with individual CMS content modules.
Case Study: Cedric Gunz, Digital Solutions DACHCOM
"Pimcore not only enabled the scalability of different languages and countries on the platform and an integrated fusion of Pimcore and Vanilla, but also the flexible use of objects with different content elements - an absolute added value for the clientele."
Cedric Gunz, Digital Solutions DACHCOM

DACHCOM services

DACHCOM implemented the interface between Pimcore and Vanilla for the redesign of Enableme's website to cater to the different target groups in terms of language and geography. To ensure content stability, DACHCOM laid the technical groundwork to lock topic areas during editing. DACHCOM was also responsible for support and training in the area of content maintenance and provided an individual extension for the integrated job database. A powerful search based on Elastic Search enables the indexing of content from both Pimcore and vanilla forums. This way, users are presented with real, relevant data.

Key Results

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