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Case Study: Enelmed Launches Innovative Health Information Portal Powered by Pimcore, Offering Personalized Content and Expertise

ENEL-MED has been operating since 1993. Since 2011, it has been a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We offer full medical service throughout the country.

The project involves building an information portal based on Pimcore for clients and people interested in health issues, a place that would provide factual information combined with the experience and reputation of Enelmed. Extensive needs for content management and advertising formats were realized on the basis of Pimcore properties, components that extend the DXP area and give the possibility to personalize content in different channels and formats.

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Enel Senior Transforms Senior Care with Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Patient Experience

Enel Senior is a medical company that provides personalized medical services to seniors. The company was struggling to keep track of all patient information, including medical history, appointments, and medications. They were also having difficulty communicating with patients and providing them with timely updates. The company needed a way to streamline their operations and improve their patient experience.
Case Study: Anna Wasilewska, Marketing Director, Enel-Med S.A.
"Cooperation with OmegaCode is carried out at a very good level. Our contractor fulfills his obligations in a timely manner at the high level of quality expected by us."
Anna Wasilewska, Marketing Director, Enel-Med S.A.

Enel Senior Elevates Patient Care with Pimcore-Powered Web Portal: Seamless Access, Real-Time Communication, and Enhanced Data Security

Enel Senior decided to implement a new web portal using Pimcore, an open-source digital experience platform. Pimcore allowed the company to create a centralized database that could store all patient information in one place. The web portal was designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for patients to schedule appointments, access medical records, and receive updates from their healthcare provider. The web portal was also designed to be mobile-responsive, allowing patients to access their medical information from anywhere at any time. Enel Senior also integrated a messaging system into the web portal, which allowed patients to communicate with their healthcare provider in real-time. To ensure the security of patient data, the web portal was built with robust data encryption and authentication measures. The platform was also designed to comply with all applicable data privacy regulations.


Enhancing Patient Care and Operations: Enel Senior's Success Story with Pimcore-Based Web Portal

The implementation of the Pimcore-based web portal had a significant impact on Enel Senior's operations. The centralized database allowed the company to keep track of all patient information, reducing the risk of errors and redundancies. The messaging system allowed for improved communication between patients and healthcare providers, leading to better patient outcomes. The mobile-responsive design of the web portal also increased patient engagement, with more patients accessing their medical information remotely. The web portal also enabled Enel Senior to streamline their operations, reducing the time and cost associated with administrative tasks. Overall, the implementation of the Pimcore-based web portal had a positive impact on Enel Senior's patient experience, as well as the company's operations. The centralized database and messaging system improved communication and patient outcomes, while the mobile-responsive design increased patient engagement.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic
Increased conversion rate
Improved Customer Experience

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