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Case Study: Faster Time-to-Market And Improved Customer Experience

Polwell, the owner of the Fale Loki Koki brand, is a distributor of professional hairdressing products that has been on the market for more than 30 years.

Operating under the Fale Loki Koki chain, Polwell supplies over 30,000 hair salons through consultants and an online B2B platform. Additionally, the brand has expanded its presence to over 10 European countries through partnerships with local businesses. To address their growing product range, the company sought a solution to maintain data consistency, enhance marketing and sales processes, and eliminate product description errors.

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Effective and Efficient Management of Thousands of Products

The ability to easily enter and update assortment information was crucial for brand managers and sales departments in order to maintain consistent and high-quality product descriptions and related materials, regardless of the publishing platform. Previously, product data had to be manually entered and gathered from different sources. The preparation of industry catalogs and marketing materials was a time-consuming process with a high potential for errors.
Case Study: Wojciech Domaracki, Operations Director, Fale Loki Koki
"Pimcore has made it possible to digitize all product information. We can edit all descriptions, technical data, photos, videos, files very easily. Since the implementation of the system, the source of product truth for everyone in the organization is PIM, which has greatly accelerated and facilitated the work on the offline industry catalog or digital product catalog."
Wojciech Domaracki, Operations Director, Fale Loki Koki

Identifying Needs and Implementing the Right Solution

Based on the company's needs, we implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) system using Pimcore technology. This system enables the easy and convenient management of product information, including multimedia resources, descriptions, photos, graphics, and technical documents. The PIM system automates the process of entering new product information into the database, reducing implementation time and ensuring access to new assortment items. This eliminates the risk of errors or inconsistencies in descriptions across internal and external channels. The introduction of PIM has improved work efficiency for various teams, such as marketing and sales, by ensuring consistency in materials. It has become a practical tool utilized by brand managers, sales departments, sales consultants, and in-store consultants based on their specific requirements.

Driving Success: Results of Pimcore Implementation

Using a central product repository enables efficient and streamlined management, ensuring product information is easily accessible and up-to-date. The implementation of the PIM system has also resulted in a faster time-to-market for products. By automating the distribution and updating of product information across various outlets, the process has been expedited, saving valuable time. With high-quality and consistent product descriptions, customers are better informed, which supports the sales process and facilitates their purchasing decisions. The PIM system has also enabled the automation of newsletter mailing, which has significantly enhanced marketing efforts. The creation and distribution of catalogs containing the company's offerings are now accomplished more efficiently, enabling targeted marketing campaigns. Brand managers, sales departments, and consultants now have quick and easy access to accurate product information, enabling them to better serve customers and drive sales.

Key Results

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