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Case Study: A digital Central Warehouse for all Pimcore Product Data

Frigotechnik is a leading wholesale company in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning based in Hamburg. The company was founded in 1928 and has been active internationally since 1997.

As a leading wholesaler of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, Frigotechnik supplies and manages over 25,000 products. To automate the manual process of exporting product data in the ERP and importing it into the eCommerce solution, Basilicom developed a PIM based on Pimcore for Frigotechnik. Errors are reduced and efficiency increased.

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The laborious path from Excel exports to the online store

Due to the constant expansion of the product portfolio and the booming eCommerce business, Frigotechnik was faced with growing challenges in product data management. The existing product data management was becoming increasingly complex and error-prone, as data from different sources had to be merged and maintained in the ERP system. As not all data could be automatically transferred from the ERP system to the new eCommerce solution, the data had to be exported and enriched in Excel in order to import it into the online store. This process was not only time-consuming but also led to inconsistencies and a lack of transparency regarding the quality of the product data. Frigotechnik was therefore looking for a PIM system that could take over these tasks and help to optimize the processes.

Centralized product data enrichment and distribution with Pimcore

Basilicom has developed a PIM system based on Pimcore for Frigotechnik to optimize product data management and ensure data quality. By migrating the existing product data to the PIM, a seamless transition to the new system was made possible. All product data, including technical specifications, images and prices, can now be managed centrally and processed both individually and in batches. The new product data model enables Frigotechnik to manage even multi-variant products more efficiently and to structure information logically. Workflow-controlled processes have been added to the PIM to optimize product data maintenance and ensure that the data is always up-to-date and consistent. Quality metrics were also implemented to monitor data quality. The PIM was connected directly to the online store via the REST API and enables the automated and error-free updating of all product data.

Better data quality and more efficient processes

Thanks to the introduction of the new Pimcore PIM, Frigotechnik is able to make critical processes more efficient and has positioned itself for the future: Manual and time-consuming processes have been significantly reduced, leading to a considerable increase in efficiency in product data management. At the same time, Frigotechnik was able to improve the transparency and measurability of data quality and minimize inconsistencies and errors, thereby increasing the reliability of product data. Frigotechnik is now in a better position than ever to manage the growth of its product portfolio and eCommerce business by working more efficiently and providing its customers with consistent, high-quality product data across all channels. The collaboration between Frigotechnik and Basilicom demonstrates how an effective data management solution creates the foundation for long-term success in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
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Time saved in data maintenance
29 641
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