Artistically valuable - Website relaunch for the GALERIE VON&VON

The VON&VON GALLERY in Nuremberg is not only a major player in the Nuremberg area. It has been active on the international art market for many years and has a network that spans many countries.

The GALERIE VON&VON in Nuremberg is a prestigious place for art lovers and collects works by many artists of different styles. The need for a website relaunch arose from the desire to create an aesthetic web presence that at the same time gives the presented artworks enough space to unfold.

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Aesthetic design and simple content management

One challenge in this project was to find a design that was aesthetically pleasing without "cannibalizing" the artworks. A balance had to be found between stylish presentation and restraint. In addition, there were technical requirements, such as the realization of a clear navigation structure, the integration of the numerous artists, artworks, fairs and exhibitions, as well as their linking to each other. Furthermore, the GALERIE VON&VON should be able to maintain its own content as easily as possible.


Digital art in real space

With the help of Pimcore, we were able to implement the website relaunch of the art gallery quickly and efficiently. We integrated a shop function for purchasing images and added an interactive feature that allows the gallery to store a home ambiance image for each artwork, in which the image is displayed to scale. This gives visitors a realistic impression of the artwork's effect on the room. Thanks to Pimcore, the gallery can now maintain and update its artworks quickly and, above all, independently, which is a great advantage, especially for recurring exhibitions.


When art comes alive

The result is a gallery website that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of appearance and functionality. Users can quickly find the information they need thanks to clear and intuitive navigation and a search function. Features such as chord boxes and internal links make it easier for visitors to enter extensive pages. The shop function with a watch list, inquiry option and shopping cart makes it easier for potential buyers to purchase a work of art. The new website offers visitors a real experience - much like a physical gallery.

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Time saved in data maintenance
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