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Case Study: Pimcore for an Omnichannel Reality

Gestione Fiere S.p.A. (Ge.Fi.) is a service company specialized in organizing trade fairs and exhibitions.  Since 1996 has organized "L'Artigiano in Fiera", an annual trade fair event dedicated to world craftsmanship. 

In July 2020, due to the pandemic being still in a state of emergency and therefore unable to organize the fair in presence, Ge.Fi. reached out to Sintra to build a digital version of the fair, in partnership with other suppliers, in just 5 months.

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From physical to digital in just 5 months

Combining the digital and physical aspects was the mission that Ge.Fi. SpA gave to Sintra Digital Business, which responded with Pimcore. The project is configured as a marketplace of artisans who want to replicate conscious buying experiences and transmit the values of producers and their companies, through an evolved User eXperience. For the scope of the project, Sintra provided a front end developed in "headless" mode (Headless ECommerce Site), a checkout / payment system through a sales platform and a reserved area for exhibitors and the foundation version of PIM (Product Information Management) for all the product informations.

The versatility offered by Pimcore improves the entire life cycle related to online sales

In the Artigiano in fiera project, Pimcore was used to integrate data relating to: products, orders, exhibitors towards CRM, logistics and e-commerce front end. The PIM system centralizes, harmonizes and distributes information for omnichannel sales, supporting companies in the creation of Phygital Experience processes. Fully integrated with ERP and CRM, PIM has successfully orchestrated all the other platforms already in use for Ge.Fi. Spa. Specifically, the versatility offered by Pimcore in the configuration of the entities, has allowed to manage in an articulated way the entire life cycle related to online sales, from the management and publication of products, to the distribution of orders to artisans, up to the management of the shipping flow to the end customer. In 2021 the challenge shifted to the phygital experience: we helped Ge.Fi. SpA to manage the entire flow of orders and shipments both for the physical part and with the digital part of eCommerce.

A complete marketplace for many artisans in a single virtual place.

The Pimcore solution implemented by Sintra, combined with the "Front End" components developed by other suppliers, allowed Ge.Fi. SpA to develop a complete marketplace that unites and enhances many artisans in a single virtual place. All artisans now have the opportunity to publish and sell their products by choosing between the direct sales mode and the indirect mode ("dropshipping"). The business model has changed and from temporary, it has become recurrent and continuous. The fair, from a limited event in a certain period of time, has been transformed into a meta place, open 365 days a year. Ge.Fi. has also given the opportunity to over 500 exhibitors, to have an authoritative showcase, a place to do "storytelling" and where to sell their products online.

Key Results

Increased Average Order Value
Increased Website Visitors

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