Glambou optimises data management thanks to Pimcore

The Glambou company offers curated jewellery from all over the world and works with established brands as well as small ateliers and workshops to always offer customers unique products. To realise this, online sales come together with offline sales via the central online shop.

In order to meet the growing demands in e-commerce and to optimise internal processes, the company Glambou has decided to expand its system landscape consisting of the shop system Shopware and the merchandise management system Pickware with a professional PIM system Pimcore. With this, Glambou wants to sustainably facilitate the aggregation, distribution and management of digital products and master data for each channel.

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Data management for online and offline sales

Glambou currently manages 15 physical shops in 2 countries: Germany and the Switzerland and also operates 2 online shops. Due to an increased presence in e-commerce, the implementation of complex marketing campaigns and the connection of additional sales channels are on the agenda. With the growth of the company, the demands on a professional PIM system, which would facilitate data management, also increased. To underpin the business image and optimise internal processes, the use of digital asset management and master data management has also become an issue.
"We have implemented the Pimcore system at our client Glambou and are very satisfied with its performance. It is a technically mature system that can be used without hesitation. It can be used to further expand the client's infrastructure."
Lukas Chabiniak, Business Development Director, Crystalcomp

Use Pimcore as PIM, MDM and DAM

And in the process, the aspiring jewellery retailer became aware of the Pimcore system and, together with its partner, agency Crystalcomp, decided to draw from the benefits of the inspiring PIM system. When switching to the new system, all technical issues had to be analysed in a complex way, in relation to the live and staging environment. For this purpose, the relevant objects (products, categories, suppliers, properties, etc.) were created and then connected to Shopware via the API. Afterwards, the Shopware graphics were assigned to the corresponding products in Pimcore and the Data Hub and Process Manager plug-ins were used.

Simple and perfect data management

The Pimcore system was integrated into the system landscape by Glambou and has been in use for a few months. It fulfils three basic functions: PIM, DAM, MDM and has significantly simplified the client's internal processes. As a result, data volumes can be allocated appropriately and professionally and there is no longer a risk of incorrect or out-of-date data being delivered to the sales channels. With Pimcore, a lot of time and effort can be saved in data maintenance. This solution has worked well for the Glambou company.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Decreased Product Returns
Total Cost of Ownership

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