Globus SB Warenhaus digitalizes customer service

The digital agency NETFORMIC from Stuttgart has developed a new customer service in the food e-commerce sector, together with the retail company Globus SB Warenhaus. The aim is to create a service-oriented shopping experience for Globus customers and offer various digital pre-order services. Gift baskets, party plates, and various counter products can be easily and quickly configured and ordered online. 

The Challenge

The new customer service for pre-ordering gift baskets, counter goods, and party plates was to be implemented for the Globus hypermarkets at 47 locations, thus mapping order acceptance and further processing. 
The goal was to create a dedicated system that acts as a mini order management system to ensure the maintainability of services, preparation, and pickup times in the various stores and departments and map a workflow-supported order status.

A very special solution was needed

With Pimcore, an object-oriented order management system could be set up to flexibly map the order lifecycle of the individual services via the workflow function and automatically send order status emails. The rights and roles system allows orders to be processed not only branch-based but also role-based, tailored to the individual services. By using the report function, to-do lists can be exported just as easily as controlling reports. 
Thanks to the open interfaces, the maintenance of additional branch-specific information is possible, and the synchronization with the store system can be easily mapped in real-time for display in the store frontend.

"Thanks to Pimcore, a suitable order management could be created, in which the Globus users are supported by the platform when filling the free text fields in the order form with regionalized instant suggestions."

- Daniel Richter, Head of Multichannel, Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG

And the result is impressive

The result is a very special purchasing option for Globus customers. Based on an exclusive interface for processing all transactions in the various stores, which has a rights & roles system for the different employee positions. It offers an individual order workflow, sends automated status emails, communicates store information to the store front end via interfaces, and can be flexibly expanded with additional services thanks to Pimcore's flexibility. This way customer service has been optimized by 80 percent. 

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