Hansefit creates digital course management with Pimcore

Hansefit GmbH & Co. KG is a provider of company fitness and company health management. Companies receive a company fitness program that enables their employees to train unlimitedly with all network partners across Germany. Hansefit thus promotes a healthy lifestyle for employees and at the same time strengthens the employer brand.

Hansefit, a provider of corporate health management, has developed a course manager with team neusta and Pimcore to manage their digital sports courses. It allows the maintenance of studio profiles, courses and appointments as well as the handling of bookings, cancellations and participations.

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The project focused on the goal of making the data management process at Hansefit more efficient. While partner data were previously managed centrally by the Hansefit head office, the new data infrastructure is intended to enable scalable self-management by the sports studios. With the course manager, the studios will also be able to manage the digital course offering independently in the future. At the same time, the Pimcore backend, as the leading system for data maintenance, is connected to the Hansefit app via an API in order to display course information and enable mobile booking and cancellation of appointments for the trainees.
"With Pimcore we have introduced a modern and flexible backend system that enables us to quickly integrate new products and features."
Lara Wewerka, Team Lead Digital

Pimcore solution

Pimcore as an open source framework serves the requirements, which were transformed by team neusta as a Pimcore Gold Partner into an individual solution that can be extended in the future. The course manager uses the Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Asset Management (DAM) provided in the Pimcore Community Edition. The system allows flexible data modeling and extension of the initial data model of master data, courses and the event schedule. At the same time, Pimcore offers the possibility to organize assets (e. g. images and videos) centrally and to maintain them via drag-and-drop function. The variable interface integration of Pimcore allows the backend to be connected to the app and to a future front-end application for managing individual data of the association partners. The app (Android, iOS) serves as a user-friendly interface for trainees to manage training data and was developed in parallel within the team neusta network.


With the successful rollout of the technical foundation that is Pimcore, Hansefit and team neusta (itself a customer of Hansefit) have created a long-term and expandable basis for centralized data maintenance. By using PIM, DAM and API integration, Pimcore already enables the complete maintenance of master data, courses and appointments and their delivery to the Hansefit app. Currently, work is in progress on an expansion of the course manager in the form of React-based front end.

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