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Case Study: Centralization of Complex Product Data Management on one platform

Hawle is a global technology leader and manufactures and sells quality products for water supply, from the source to the house connection.

Hawle developed from a garage start-up to a global technology leader within 70 years. Today, the Hawle Austria Group, headquartered in Upper Austria, is a manufacturer of high-quality heavy-duty valves. Due to the growing number of products, subsidiaries and data volumes, the requirements have changed and Pimcore was introduced as a new, central platform for the Hawle Group.

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Management of complex product structures

Hawle has a range of over 10,000 products. The complexity of this product range goes hand in hand with a considerable amount of data. Previously, this product data was managed in an external product information management (PIM) system. However, this solution came with some challenges, as it was prone to errors due to interface problems on the one hand, and on the other hand, it caused an increased maintenance effort for the editors. Furthermore, Hawle's web solution has expanded over the years to include more and more countries and languages. This was accompanied by a growing desire for individual and independent content, which pushed the old web solution to its limits. The challenge was therefore to create a platform where editors worldwide could manage their content easily and independently, while at the same time complying with certain central marketing specifications and content.

Pimcore as central platform and global data hub

Hawle opted for a comprehensive solution and introduced Pimcore as a central all-in-one platform. In the process, a logically structured and clearly arranged PIM was developed. An interface to the SAP system imports the basic data of the products before the editors refine them further in the PIM. The migration of data from the old system went smoothly, including the remaining content for the multilingual website. Unifying content management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM) and PIM into a single system now gives editors the advantage of having everything in one place. Synchronization problems belong to the past, and keeping data up to date can be efficiently guaranteed at all times. This integrated solution has not only significantly increased efficiency in data management, but also created the basis for seamless, consistent presentation of products and information in different languages and markets.

Significant increase in efficiency in data management

The new and fully-integrated solution under Pimcore has not only significantly increased efficiency in data management, but also laid the foundation for seamless, consistent presentation of products and information in different languages and markets. Editors also benefit from time savings in their daily work, which increases their productivity. In addition, Pimcore enables markets worldwide to publish local and independent content as needed. This flexibility strengthens Hawle's adaptability to regional requirements and market conditions. The platform provides a solid foundation for future enhancements and features that will support the company in its digital transformation. With Pimcore as its central data and content hub, Hawle is well-equipped to respond efficiently to the changing needs of the market while strengthening its global presence.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance
6 000
Media Assets
15 000
Data Objects

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