Case Study: Unifying Multiple Sites for a Swiss Non-Profit Organization

Enable people access to clean drinking water - Support small farmers in entering new markets - Strengthen children and young people with improved basic and vocational training: Helvetas is committed to the self-determined development of disadvantaged people and communities in developing countries, thus helping them to help themselves. The independent Swiss organization for development cooperation is active in around 30 countries with more than 250 projects, creating real changes in the lives of over 3 million people.

Business Needs

The previous online presence with 26 independent country websites did not succeed in capturing this diversity and emotionally touching users. Therefore, it had to be completely renewed, creating a simple and intuitive user interface, efficient management and, above all, increased interaction with the users - and thus tying more people to the Helvetas newsletter and generating more donations.

Notch Interactive chose a "one site" approach and a user journey, which allows website visitors to travel through the Helvetas world in an informative and emotional way.

Pimcore Solution

The new website makes the activities of Helvetas an emotional experience and provides insights into the many facets of development cooperation. Using a "one site" approach, the 30 or so independent country websites will now be combined into a single website in five languages. Geolocation is used to play out country-specific content depending on the user's location. Thanks to an intelligent inheritance logic, central content is automatically adopted for the individual country instances and can still be individually adapted to the respective needs.

An interactive map module simplifies navigation to the numerous projects and shows where the help arrives. The project countries are also presented in detail. In addition to large-format images and numerous videos, various life stories and quotations provide insights into Helvetas' diverse work. A modular system also makes it possible to respond to events and catastrophes at any time. The donation module can be integrated and individually weighted in various forms to match the content. Generous teasers link related pages and invite users to browse. The user journey thus remains fluid, the user is invited on a journey through the project countries and is always specifically encouraged to donate.

Business Results

The figures speak for themselves: expectations were more than fulfilled in all areas that were relevant to Helvetas. And that also fulfils our expectations. It shows that a good website can not only convey information and emotions, but that a site like can also be used extremely successfully as an activation tool.

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