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Case Study: Pimcore Relaunch with Particularly Fast-Paced Requirements

The Automotive Store Hermann Rüttger GmbH already operated a Pimcore website. is an information and advice portal on the subject of "Porsche", including type compass, vehicle market, and store.

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The goal of the project was to create a contemporary, refreshing and timeless design with a puristic and elegant face. The client expected a DAT interface to a vehicle market as well as a type compass.

The type compass was to enable visitors to obtain detailed information on all models and their equipment and designs, or to use it for research purposes. In the overview, the compass first displays all Porsche models. After selecting a specific vehicle, the compass then displays its available models. In the following detailed view, the user receives all technical data and equipment belonging to exactly this vehicle type and model. 

In order not only to deliver data to the community but also to promote interaction, a blog was to be created. Each blog content can be sent to multiple social media channels by the simple use of the Pimcore backend.

Selected vehicles were to be offered for sale via a dedicated vehicle market. The special feature requires an interface to DAT. DAT stands for Deutsche Automobil Treuhand. It is a worldwide operating company from Ostfildern, which has made it its business to collect and provide extensive vehicle data. DAT is therefore the source data pool for the vehicle market.

A further system requirement was an e-commerce component since in the long term it should also be possible to sell certain articles via the platform.

A further module will be the Porsche configurator that allows users to configure their own Porsche. An "oil finder" is also to be integrated with the short to medium term.


Since Pimcore could provide answers to all the aforementioned requirements, it was the ideal base technology for the planned platform. Starting from a rough concept, the required functions and modules were defined more finely and clearly step by step, until a detailed requirements catalog was finally in place.

The CMS component (Content Management System), responsible for the easy administration of the web content, was first on the agenda to quickly create a visual experience. While the other modules were being programmed, the editors could already start setting the static content. 

The MDM (Master Data Management) module was used, among other things, to manage the vehicle data. In addition, other areas such as the vehicle market, type compass or the blog also make use of this integral Pimcore component. Through relations between the objects and object structures, a flexible data framework was created. The "Type Compass" forms an extensive database with elaborately determined details about different Porsche variants. These contain detailed information from the model to the basic equipment such as engine, horsepower, type, and even the individual color. Thanks to Master Data Management, the data was imported cleanly from an Excel file into the Pimcore objects. The media and documents were imported via Digital Asset Management and then stored in the asset area of Pimcore.

As mentioned earlier, an interface to DAT was to be made. This was solved via a FIN or VIN query within the Pimcore backend. The editor submits a vehicle identification number to DAT and receives technical data as return values. These are automatically mapped to a dynamic object structure and are thus available locally.

The media provided in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) are available to both the CMS and the MDM. Later, they will also serve as a media pool for the planned online store. Thus, all modules are interdisciplinarily linked with each other.


By implementing the Currusperitum platform, rigid Excel databases and time-consuming manual research processes could be replaced. At the same time, a modern appearance with scalable technology behind it was created. You can say that a nice-looking car body was married with a powerful engine. All modules interact precisely and thus simplify the company processes considerably. This simplification results in a gain in time, which has a positive effect on the company's goals.

In addition, the foundation for further expansion stages has been laid, since sustainability in maintenance and further development was emphasized from the very beginning. The online platform "CURRUSPERITUM" will therefore continue to be constantly maintained and further developed by Quellwerke GmbH.

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