Case Study: Ticket Sale Platform for Passenger Transport Company

Hoper is an innovative company that offers passengers from major cities and smaller towns national and international transport by bus. The company provides niche services such as the possibility of picking up the passenger from the indicated address and taking them exactly to the indicated destination. This eliminates the need for the passenger to get to the bus station and wait for transport. 

Business Challenge

The aim of the company's website is to provide users with an easy way to find suitable bus connections and additional options as well as the possibility to book and purchase tickets.

Pimcore Solution

We have implemented a comprehensive project for the Hoper brand from designing the brand's visual identity through extensive UX and UI work to the complete implementation of the system based on Pimcore CMS. The main element of this Internet platform is an advanced bus connection search engine integrated with another client's system. The user can book or purchase a ticket with additional options such as discounts, luggage, and special services. It is also possible to order a parcel shipment using this system. After purchasing a ticket or service, the customer can check the details of the booking and manage the ticket (he can return it, change the date of travel or passenger data, and download the ticket). All the customer has to do is log in to the user panel or enter the ticket number.

The site also contains rich informational content. An exciting element is an interactive map, presenting routes and the area in which passengers can order pick-up from the indicated address. The user can find his town on the map or enter the specified address in the search engine. Thanks to that, he will quickly discover his possibilities. The site also contains the FAQ sections and subpages with information about special offers. It is managed from the Pimcore admin panel.

Business Results

The implementation of the project has achieved its goals. The client gained a professional and very modern website that meets the expectations of modern travelers. The user can conveniently find the right bus connection and purchase the ticket or service. The whole process takes place online without the need to contact the driver or hotline. The ticket is sent by text message or e-mail, ready to be shown at the ticket inspection. A safe and convenient process combined with an extensive information section encourages users to purchase the service.

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