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Case Study: South Tyrol B2B Tool - Simplification and optimization of the booking process for group travel in South Tyrol

IDM - Innovation, Development, Marketing - has been operating since 2016 as an enterprise of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano and the Province of South Tyrol. The company is the guide for economic and sustainable development in the province. It promotes innovation and internationalization to support the local companies outside of South Tyrol.

The accommodation search for groups often turned out to be challenging due to the multitude of request channels and individuality of the requests themselves. With the development of the B2B tool, this process was simplified. The digital platform serves to bring together supply and demand, and enables interested parties to discover accommodations throughout the region without obligation. At the same time, information is collected and analyzed.

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Managing large group requests across the region South Tyrol - easy and efficient

Until now, each request was handled individually. This means that searching and finding suitable and available accommodation for travel groups was very time-consuming and no longer up to date. Despite the available data from the tourism database (LTS), it was not possible to digitize the management of group travel. The digitization of the search and request process and the presentation of all available accommodations were the challenge of the project and all involved parties: the hotel industry, the tourism associations, IDM & the Pimcore partner Marketing Factory.
Case Study: Lorena Ruaz, Sales
"With the introduction of the B2B tool, we were able for the first time to forward accommodation requests to compatible accommodation in a timely manner (within 24 hours). By automating the search and communication to the accommodation and the enquirer, we succeeded in increasing the efficiency of enquiry processing. Thanks to the uniform regulation of enquiry distribution, enquiries are passed on transparently."
Lorena Ruaz, Sales

Pimcore Solution: connecting multiple channels

How can the availability of accommodation for tour groups throughout South Tyrol be checked, simply and digitally? By the use of Pimcore a solution concept was developed. Not in classical use as CMS or pure DAM, but as a tool for mediation & management of information, Pimcore is used for the following processes: - Input of requests from IDM & tourism associations (area restricted data access). - Access & management of linked LTS data - Data matching & visualization of results - Availability and price query of the selected accommodations as well as automated administration (24h) of the offers - Uniform Information transmission to the interested party (link) - Platform for initiating the booking - Automated feedback request for optimization & tracking - Data export for analysis of the development The booking itself is finally done by the interested party, without using Pimcore. IDM & the tourism associations thus take over purely the mediation.

Easy information flow between customer and supplier

The results are impressive: More than 1,000 hotels successfully process requests through the tool created by Marketing Factory. Tourism associations and IDM central administrations act as intermediaries. Thus, requests from groups are easily communicated & processed. In 2020, this innovation allowed more than 350 requests to be mediated through the created Pimcore tool, although traveling in the Corona year 2020 was not particularly easy, especially for groups. At the same time, the use of this platform creates the possibility to easily collect and analyze data. Interesting information can be obtained for IDM: the most popular destinations and seasons in South Tyrol, the country of origin of customers & much more. Pimcore as an intermediary tool exceeds all requirements, and not as a pure CMS or DAM. The easy handling and efficiency of the system are convincing.

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