Pimcore event DXP for IEG

For over 50 years IEG has organized trade fairs, events and conferences in Italy and throughout the world. They offer to their national and international partners opportunities of concrete business, contents and services with high added value and meeting events.

Pimcore event DXP for IEG, leading leader in Italy in the organisation of trade fairs and one of the main operators in the trade fair and conference sector at European level. New management experience for IEG using the full potential of Pimcore, including CMS, DAM and translations features.

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  • IEG-Italian Exhibition Group SpA
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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover

Easy to use user interface for IEG exhibitors for creating/editing fairs quickly.

Easy to use user interface for IEG exhibitors for creating/editing fairs quickly. A tool able to manage buyers, exhibitors and organize fairs in a simple way. The required application must be easy to customize and use. This is a completely new application aimed at helping non technical users in managing complex forms. Management of versions for monitoring fairs publication flow. Shared translations used throughout the interface, allowing for a better user experience.

New management experience for IEG using the full potential of Pimcore

We developed a set of REST APIs which provide a complete management system of all resources like fairs, events, user accounts, translations and assets. A content publishing approval process based on Pimcore versions was built for admin users allowing for easy difference matches, all in an headless HTML/JS application. We created a custom interface intended for exhibitors to create and edit their fairs quickly and to receive feedback regarding their publication. CSV printouts and image uploading are available. Pimcore Shared translations system offered the possibility to translate and personalize

Easy-to-use friendly Pimcore environment

With this solution exhibitors can manage their events with minimal support from outside. They can frequently update and change content using the simplified UI for editing and creating. The REST API developed on Pimcore allows easy integration with different UI. Non technical users have an easy to use interface allowing them to perform complex actions in a friendly environment.

Key Results

>1 M

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