Case Study: Prepare the IG BCE BWS for the digital distribution of its seminars - Impression #1

Case Study: Improving the Digital Distribution of the IG BCE BWS' Advanced Education Schedule with Pimcore

As a subsidiary of the industrial union of the mining, chemicals, and energy industry, the BWS is the leading provider of advanced education for employee representatives of every age within the industry sector. Using the knowledge coming from its parent, the BWS focuses on the interests of the representatives rather than on the company ones.

The Challenge for the IG BCE BWS is to present its large variation of educational schedule to its narrow target group while being detailed, clearly and simple to understand all at once. Using Pimcore allows the IG BCE BWS to have a powerful and simple to use Product Information and Asset Management while presenting the content through large variation of Content Elements within the CMS.

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Connect the ERP with an Interface while providing all of the educational program

Being the only competitor in Germany that provides knowledge of an industrial union, the IG BCE BWS educates employee representatives of every age and every special interest. Therefore the main goals of the project can be merged: To represent the complexity of the different educational formats and a large number of events as well as connect the ERP System Navision with the new website environment Pimcore. To summarize the requirements that need to be challenged by polargold: Implementing gateway between Pimcore and Navision, establish PIM as a single source of truth for all product-related information, establish DAM as a single source of truth for all media and documents, provide a CMS with various and easy-to-use Content Elements, provide an efficient booking process using the eCommerce Framework

"Pimcore offers the flexibility to react quickly and independently to changes in our course landscape."
Natascha von Morgenstern, Project- and Teamlead

Using the bidirectional Gateway and PIM to meet all buyers personas expectations

The bidirectional gateway between Pimcore and Navision allows us to update products, speakers and locations several times per day. Meanwhile the PIM handles two tasks at the same time: Receiving and sorting data into read-only fields of data objects as well as allowing manual maintaining of non-provided data within the data objects. Henceforth it is the single source of truth for all product related data. To match all of the 3 buyers persona perspectives within the booking, we differentiate between participant and contact person. That allows contact persons to book for themselves and others as well as just for third persons excluding himself from participating. Last but not least users will find a combinable search which filters were developed with the eCommerce Bundle. Now it assists to find the correct choice from over 1,500 different educational courses.

Setting the course for the future of digital distribution of the IG BCE BWS education schedule

Over 1,500 courses are offered every year. These are now automatically integrated from Navision into the PIM. Through the combination of imported and manually maintained data in the PIM, the IG BCE BWS sets up the entire educational schedule on the basis of Pimcore. This has saved time and effort in maintaining since going live. In the long term, it will allow third-party service providers to automatically fill print layouts with the data from Pimcore. And all this with ease of use. The user experiences a consistent journey, starting with the lead to the search from the home page, searching and finding the right course, through to simple booking, regardless of their own buyer persona. In the long term, management via profiles will also be made possible. In this way, the IG BCE BWS and polargold were able to master the first milestone on the way to becoming one of the best German B2B training providers in 6 months.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data

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